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post ?!?!?!??!?!?!>??!?

  • > pErSon Haha oof. Get dat moneh girl lol

  • > Lylth another few came up aa i promise to do it tho cuz she looks so cute djidjifhith

  • So cuteeee! Are you finished with commissions yet? I’m excited for when you draw my girl Riri :> Don’t hesitate to tell if u can’t do it!!

  • 정말 귀엽고 시원한 느낌이네요!!🥰💖


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  • > dalchae thank you!!

  • 정말 귀여워요!!😋

  • > Ciinnanya! hehe yea

  • Ooo that’s an inprovement >:0 Also children crying outside is a good thing :D


Illustrations has been published.

1 year on medibang!!

  • I feel like drinking her alone with the water 💦

  • > ❤tadami-san❤ ty! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

  • :0 it's improved a lot!!!!

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ thank you!! :D


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more art dump

  • Wooooooooooooooooooooow I wanna cry now 😭💖 How so pretty 😍💖


  • The colors are so cool aaa

  • > CCJG Creations hmm i don’t know how good my advice would be since i’m a beginner myself too lol - try using a color wheel, there are diff types of color combos from the color wheel that can work well like complimentary colors, analogous colors, etc. (do your own research about that) - if your still a beginner try using color pallets you can get online! or taking colors from pictures you see too

Multiple illustrations uploaded5


Illustrations has been published.

dtiys! read desc (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

  • done!

  • > ❤tadami-san❤ ofc!! i’ll extend for a few days :D new deadline is next wednesday so take your time ^w^

  • > pErSon oh ye if you could extend it that would be great! i've just started today...

  • > ❤tadami-san❤ it’s cool bro i can extend if you want

Multiple illustrations uploaded3


Illustrations has been published.

another dump

  • > pErSon Thank you ^^ no pressure though!


  • > Lylth super cute! i’ll draw her when i have the time :33

  • Link to Riri,

Multiple illustrations uploaded3


Illustrations has been published.

coloring contest!

  • Looks nice 😊 👍

  • > boiledsunflowers tysm :’D but i’m rlly not lol

  • how are you so good ;-;


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redraw time!!

  • Ya I'm done your emoji adopt


Illustrations has been published.

Dumpy dumpy

  • I'm done the emoji adopt

  • > Mile thank you!!

  • This is beautiful, you should be proud, keep improving and you will reach superior results, good luck!

  • Hey ya I'm done your request

Multiple illustrations uploaded5


Illustrations has been published.

rq from drawing cat

  • I really like the teacher's painting style!!


  • > pErSon Here you are :)

  • > pErSon Ooo, will do, thanks!!


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Taking fanart requests! Read desc pls

  • can u do Nezuko from demon slayer?

  • Hiiii me luvz ur art style ^^ are u doing fan art ONLY? if not can u pls draw a frog girl? Brown hair, Blue eyes, frog bucket hat and jacket? Yk? If not that's totally fine w/ me! Have a amazing day😁

  • The first one reminds me of v flower OwO

  • Can you draw Kelly or Lemon in Auto World?

Multiple illustrations uploaded2


Illustrations has been published.

for mikasa!

  • i like it its so good

  • > Hryhør1y TYSM SHSJHWJ


  • Yay~!! My cousin saw it~!! He says "Tysm to your friend for drawing Alice!!" He loves it so much~! Thank you for drawing her again~!


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her again

  • Whaaa cute!

  • > Creampuffu ☹ै Aa thanks bro

  • Gaahhhh I love her clothes :0


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Alus’ Dtiys!

  • awesome :0

  • > ᯽ opalescent ᯽ TYSM BROO

  • Love*



Illustrations has been published.

asking for criticism READ DESC PLEASE

  • > Hryhør1y aaa tysm I’ll try to work on all those :’D

  • This is so pretty and cute! Although there are only a few things to fix: - The joint is being covered by the clothing, try to make the arm more outside and the elbow visible. - In the collar/scarf area the neck is going down but the shoulders are high, maybe lower the shoulders or make the neck collarbone area higher. - The boobie is a bit too lower - The collar bone lines are usually connected from the shoulder area, it's quite hard to explain but drawing lines starting from the shoulders may help. - The pose is probably a bit stiff? I dunno, try to make her look more flexible and lively by probably fixing her pose by her bottom area, arms, yeah. Overall, I support your art style and this is very adorable! I love the colorful and pretty shading.

  • I have no criticism for you. I think your work is already amazing

  • I’m too lazy to reply to everyone actually so thanks for all the criticism in hindsight mostly I should just be working on my anatomy so I’ll try to improve on that more


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  • Too much sugar, too much cuteness

  • Elle est très belle est mignonne!!

  • > ❄Ash❄ Aw thanks!

  • This is absolutely adorable!


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another art trade

  • UWUAOUWAOU I LOVE THIS. pastel goth is so epic and based

  • beautiful

  • > Creampuffu ☹ै Yea it is lol :’D

  • That outfit is so cute ahhh! :0


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michiru (art trade)

  • > pErSon Its beautiful!! Btw someone made a gift for you, Idk if it's a gift but lol:

  • > Izzy draws ocs! (Lunamoon AA TYSM SJKSJ


  • > pErSon Cool :D


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happy bday kuri!


  • > DreamiiKuri | Drèam mode©️ AAA TYSM SHJSHSJ

  • BELLA IS RIGHT I AM SCREEECHINGGG UITS SOI PRETTY come to think of it yeah you did draw me a lot, as in a l o t ever since we met- i remember when your art was still so simplistic and such. Now its so much better ajhfbajksf (especially the anatomy)

  • > ꜱᴀᴘᴘʏʙᴇʟʟᴀ • ꜱᴀᴘɴᴀᴘ ᴍᴏᴅᴇ©️ Yea same :’(


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  • > ali-chi | Alus uwu (Fundy Mode) Oo cool I did that with my siblings too on a few games before

  • > pErSon me and my siblings are gonna buy miitopia together. were saving up 20 dollars each since there is 4 of us

  • > pErSon I know right? I also wanna buy pokesnaps ˙𐃷˙

  • > ali-chi | Alus uwu (Fundy Mode) Yea bro, I dunno if I wanna spend all my money tho ಥ_ಥ


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Meimi chan icon redraw

  • I love your style of paintingggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG It's so cute!

  • > DebbieDraws Ty!!

  • EEEEEEEEEEEEE WOW *Criesofhowcuteitis*


Illustrations has been published.


  • > DreamiiKuri | Drèam mode©️ aa ty :D

  • aww that looks so nice >:D

  • > Pat X • Antfrost Mode © Thank you :D

  • aww cute


Illustrations has been published.


  • They are very cute💖🥺

  • Their adorable! Glad to see a fellow watcher, I picked up the series recently too!

  • :00 I'm watching this series too Mah favorite is Yumeko though B) No need to respond to me by the way :}

  • > mApLeYzUc (apolegetiix) I don’t like ryota that much but that’s cool lol


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  • oh i never played animal crossing so i don't know that oop

  • Oh yea! I saw you wearing that in animal crossing! Nice outfit :)

  • > ボバ Nah it’s just an outfit they’re the same people, they’re my avatar on animal crossing, and whenever I wear that black outfit I always run around with an axe lol anyway ty :D

  • wow that looks great. Does the girl with the knife is she a psycho???


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  • Pretty art style!

  • Cute and colourful ♡ ♡

  • aaaaaa i love ur coloring style, queen <333

  • So Cute!


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Contest entry for dreamy_bees c:

  • > Hryhør1y shjsh thank you :’D


  • > pErSon Your art style is so kawaii (๑♡⌓♡๑)

  • > Mii-chan(Mikasa)|Remus Mode Tysmm


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new oc I guess

  • 好可愛喔!已收藏!

  • とても可愛い女の子ですね😍

  • ohhh my goshhh she's sooo cuteeeee



Illustrations has been published.


  • instead of a mere 1

  • This deserves a 7

  • > Lil angel ;)

  • > Geek Gurl Anime AGREEEEEEEE