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Charging , open on deviantart


I had 76 pity i got her on my first wish aa

Not sure if i want her though? I don’t think i have any good stuff for her but i do wanna change my team
I have no good charas for her either no eula no childe bc i restarted my game on the ayaka banner >:((

With the characters i have i was thinking like a Baal, Diona, Chongyun, xiangling?? Or Baal, Sara, chongyun n Barbara? Fr i want a hydro ice electro team but Barbara’s the only hydro i got lol
I really want xinqiu and i tried rolling on the standard wish but i got nothing lol, i think he might be a featured on kokomi’s banner though so i guess ill just have to wait

Debating whether or not to use Baal i really want to but i feel like she’d be wasted

  • Oop idk why there's a 'gtg' in there my bad

  • THATS AMAZING GTG I'm hoping to get her too, wish me luck XD

  • Oh you got Baal that's nice (。・∀・)ノ゙ I'm not even gonna try get her cuz i like to pull spontaneously and i don't have enough to get her that and the fact I only do single pulls and don't bother trying to get the 5 stars cuz i too young to put money into this( which make all the five stars I have total mistakes)

  • > umbriiel that’s too bad for you :(( baal is just giving me stress though on whether or not to put her in my team grr i can’t really get any resources for her bc i just got to inazuma 😔😔


trying to change my style but idk where to start :’D
just changed the lineart plus a few other details for now
also redraw but i can’t show to og one cuz it’s too big or whatever
so just the other drawing of her for now ig

  • > Eminoa ah thank you!! :D

  • i find your style really cute ya know uwu ! and hm maybe you can choose 3 or 4 artist that you really like and try to capture what do you think can be really cool, if you merge these element together the result will be surely incredible :D !!

  • > pErSon Oooo

  • > Opal peppermint

SOME people

art thieves think they can call my art ugly when they’re literally stealing 😭😭 is this what we’ve become as a society?? is there any decency and common sense in people these days???

  • > pErSon No, there really isn't any decency in some people.

  • > ali-chi don’t bother they’ll block you immediately like the loser they are 🙄🙄✋

  • Damn what a bitch I'd like to teach them a fucking lesson

  • > ❤tadami-san❤ yea smh >:(( they didn’t steal my art btw they’re impersonating someone else ik on insta aaa