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2 hours / Day
I’m free comment on a recent illustration if ya have requests but it might take a while


medi’s liking system is so annoying
dunno if anyone got used to it already but I sure haven’t
it’s so hard I’m losing motivation to look on my timeline and that means idk what’s happening in the community and like basically I’m just completely gone now as well
I apologize but it’s just
it just takes so long to load everything *sigh*

  • > ɴᴀʀᴜᴅʏɴᴇ ya -_- I feel bad sometimes too cuz I’m not liking them but it just takes way too long

  • Yea it's annoying and has really screwed everyone over- Some people arent even getting likes anymore cause of it- it would better if the waiting time wasnt so bad but it still wouldnt be fun Plus they've increased their ads and put them literally everywhere so it's impossible to not click on it on accident- there ine under the chat box rn It sucks

  • > AnonymouseSaysHoooi It’s fine I feel the same Like I miss having 20-30 likes per post now it’s doubled down to 10-15 likes max :/

  • hehe sorry for ranting

am confusion

is it just me or can u not like stuff without clicking into it
I hope it’s just me and it’ll get back later
it takes a long time to load everything every time I wanna like something
I really hope it’s just me ;-;

  • > DreamiiKuri I hope it’s just an april fools prank or something I mean seems unlikely but I really hope so I’m just in denial rn lol

  • It's just that it's so inconvenient that everyone hates it :/

  • Sucks pretty much I like most of medi’s updates, this is one of them that don’t make it to the most

  • Nope that’s true, happened to me too


anyone got some tips to help me improve or stuff u think I should do better?
don’t worry bout hurting me as long as it’s constructive critism :D)))

  • > DreamiiKuri mk I’ll try to do it like that some more :)))

  • > AnonymouseSaysHoooi Oh ok It actually looks way better now :D

  • > DreamiiKuri o not the tired one the one I just posted hehe sorry if I wasn’t clear

  • I like it :) But maybe blend it a bit more, I don’t really see much difference tbh