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I need true form ideas for Draxx

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  • I would TRY and make one but it would look like a melted scrambled egg so don't trust me w a true form :')

  • > EriGloom ๐Ÿ‘‘ Glad you're feeling better I feel like Jindal and nerd would be besties And yea see ya on there

  • > Kebby Zon it is I wwanna focus on Unknowwn (fungus duder) and Jindal....and the nerd guy๐Ÿค“ Im still struggling a lil but im feeling better enough Shall wwe continue wwith our last? - I erased all the text n stuff

  • > EriGloom ๐Ÿ‘‘ I wanna mess around with zon Idk man I just felt guilty because you obviously were struggling with something, I couldn't help to feel bad

Hi hello


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  • > EriGloom ๐Ÿ‘‘ noice

  • > Dust Nice nice! Listened to all three that you recommended and I liked em, I think Toxicity wwas my favve

  • > EriGloom ๐Ÿ‘‘ If ya like some.. l o v e l y metal Theres The Summoning - Sleep Token

  • > Dust Wwill do! Tysm for the recommendations, if you havve any more please let me knoww! Imma go draww wwhile listening to them noww