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Thank you all for all the beautiful submissions! I hope you like the surprise!! I tried to put this as my cover but AHAHA it is too big for poor MediBang!
AAAAAAAAnd now for the winners
In second we have....Furisuki ~
I loved how you created the hair to be so flowy, and her soft look won me over right away!!

And in first is......... NAEGIKI!!
the glow in the work really caught my eyes, and I love how you included Cristijia's prized possession, the pen!! the dark background worked beautifully with the glow in the stars and flowers.

Clubbed Clovers: I love your style. the purple you included helped level out all that pink. GREAT JOB!!
Taiyo: I loved the idea of the balloon and the soft look you have Cristijia is adorable. Never stop drawing!
SACandy: The pose is so cute. I like how you included other details to her, like the bow. Keep on improving!!
Pikachugirl: AWW that heart is so cute. The puppy look you have Cristiia is adorable, matches her baby style! Never stop drawing!!
Mizuki&Luna: the volume in the hair is well drawn out. I like how you changed it up and put Cristijia in a dress. Keep going!!
FuzzyButter20: you style is amazing. you gave Cristijia a fun look with a lot of life. you shading techniques are very unique. I hope to see more!!
Sand_Which: i like how you went traditional for this. The chibi style is very cute, and I would like to see more. Keep drawing!
Fandom-Trash-Girl:v: You have really clean lines, and I loved how you colored the eyes. Keep improving!!

Some Advise for all: -practice shading, and stepping out of your comfort zone when you color
- ALWAYS DRAW!!! that is the only way you will improve. Try drawing
from real life, it will help shape your style.

I will try to put this as my profile cover! Thanks so much for participating!!!! REMEMBER TO... OBEY THE PAW!!
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