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Your fluffy guardian

  • she so floOF

  • really cute ahhh :0 also I did the adopts ^^

  • She's so cuuute x-x


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  • I love Lune's character design, and the world building you have around it, absolutely brilliant

  • the babies are finally here!!!

  • :00 The lineart is so tasty tho ahhh

  • Lune may be cute But astro is cuter-

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The Poolrooms

  • for a minute I thought that said the backrooms lmao 👀

  • this is so prettyyyyy =O


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  • > Monsooni that explains it-

  • > red_space Stress and sad mixed with watching Kooleen art tutorials and boba-

  • how the hell what how tell me your secrets

  • this is so good! definitely seeing improvement here, you're doing well!

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Everything’s okay

  • Awww, man, that's awful Monsooni. I typically try to avoid saying sorry in these situations because I know it doesn't fix anything, but I truly am, and I hope you can get better. We're all here for you

  • D:> Hope you get better soon, we'll be with you all the way <3

  • aw sooni :( I know this is everyone's default comforting message but if you need someone to talk to, I'm here :]

  • oh no D: we'll be with you monsooni whatever happens, we'll be right by your side


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Style practice #3

  • Wow you did a great job! This looks so good it’s giving me Tim Burton vibes. Have a great day!

  • Very pretty 🌻

  • I was so tired scrolling my timeline and then this came and jumpscared me-

  • Nightmare before Christmas ,,,,,


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Style practice #2?

  • i think you're more of a gothic (but also a little pastels) aesthetic?

  • 1- flubfy bb girl- Cross would love cute aesthetics lol 2- y o u Are I dunno- light/dark acedemia¿


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Little practice

  • So beautiful !! 💚💙

  • So droopy ú-ù

  • this is amazing also inspiring thank you for motivation I'm gonna go draw now


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Yee Haw!

  • Bb girl awww- My heart.

  • This is as great of an artwork as the day the cattle come home! YEEEEEE HAWWW!!!

  • i need cowboy astrophel


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  • swag

  • I love the mask. thats it. just the mask. and the other parts but yk-



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The Good Doctor

  • aw man this guy deserves a raise i dont care if he gets paid enough already-

  • Poor chap u-u Kith kithes-


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Black Swan

  • You're not even 20 hun- I do hope you feel better though, mwah ^^


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Heroes of Athanasia

  • Anytime I see pacific island tattoos, I always think of the Samoan legacy in the WWE. In other words, people like The Rock or Roman Reigns.

  • > Muna Sketches Aww thanks and that sounds really cool lol 👌👌

  • Woahhhh these characters look AWESOME! And the story seems super interesting! Hmmmm I might jusstttt make a little pretend book-cover of them just because- XD I wanna know more of the story tho before I jump into drawing it- But wonderful work with the drawing! <333

  • You made him,, fit-

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Doodle of my favorite manbaby

  • Aww adorablee

  • Gugujfghf he's so cute

  • > BushBabyOrigins H e ‘ s 2 8 A g r o w n m a n o v o

  • Put his shirt back on he's only a b o y >:0


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I know you

  • > Monsooni "Who invented braces" "How do I get rid of braces" "Gaster"

  • > BushBabyOrigins H e k n o w s y o u r s e a r c h h i s t o r y

  • W ht the fr i c k


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  • that outfit though -

  • S h e Best thing to ever happen to me smh


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  • ok but the little details make it even better like the little tiny spots are amazing

  • Amazing drawing But all I can think of is those powdered oranges on TikTok lol

  • Ooragnr