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This art is about 2 years old, can you believe that??

Some of these characters aren’t mine, they belong to very great friends! But we all know Cross and maybe not all of us knew that she legit was slightly nuts lol

Anyways please enjoy these while I cringe in the corner B’)

  • Oki doki

  • > Felix Wbf stands for “white board fox” It’s a website where you can interactively draw on a whiteboard with other people :0

  • > CrossOut That'll be great, thanks, btw, I'm new to media, what does wbf stand for? xD

  • > Felix I wish you luck with moving! And yeah totally I can! Maybe message me when you’re settled in and I can set up a wbf :0

Repost agaiN

Thank you medi for taking these down. I’m truly flattered -_-

Anyways, hopefully they’re aye okay in topics-

  • Love it!!!! :DDD

  • > Djoga They do though? It filters out stuff that needs to be age restricted We all have something where we can toggle if we can see it or not and it asks us when we post stuff where It belongs. I just don’t see why this would be taken down unless someone reported it and I doubt they would because there’s nothing wrong with them

  • > Izzy Those settings serve no purpose

  • > Djoga They have age restriction settings it’s just really werid what. They count and don’t count

Q+A part 3

Part numero 3!:

1. Thank you and same to you anonymous stranger!

2. What bro? You wanna go b r o??? >:0 Lol jk jk. Hello!

3. A h a h a - I dunno :]

Any interesting commentary to tell me? Let me know!:

  • > CrossOut :]

  • > 𝕔𝕣𝕪𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕩𝕣𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕤 *pat pat* :']

  • > CrossOut :D *hug*

  • > 𝕔𝕣𝕪𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕩𝕣𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕤 Hiya and tysm! That means a lot to me :) also it's okay lol, no worries

Happy Pride!

Happy pride month! Remember to be proud of who you are!

I may not be in the community myself but I wanna show my support for all you peeps! Happy pride month from someone who wishes you the best of wishes :)

  • Happy pride month hoomans :) 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  • 💙💓🤍💓💙 woot woot 💙💜💗💜💙

  • tysm i needed this- i havent come out to anyone in my family other than my 4 irl friends and yall on here and im trying to work up the confidence <3 my goal is to come out to my family by the end of this year

  • ♥️🧡💛Happy pride month y'all!!! 💚💙💜

Eheheh trend thingy? ^^"

I normally try not to do trend stuff because I don't wanna be perceived as attention seeking, but I've been told I have a very unique way of drawing? So, in your opinion, what do you think is my trademark in art? Or just something that I am very well known for?

  • Your anatomy and the way you shade!! And the eyes

  • definitely the shading

  • The way you shade your art

  • definitely the eye shape and also the hair… ooh and probably the way you draw the face (in general). And the coloring. (Dang, it’s basically the entire drawing)

Hoppin’ on the bandwagon

Am I the only one that really wants sea shanties to be a regular occurring thing?-
I love this aesthetic, don’t @ me ^^”

Also I found this/these on pinterest but it didn’t say who made them. Credits to the creators!

  • It's a bit retro, but I think it's nice(›´ω`‹ )

  • Very cool I like that mine is either after hours type aesthetic or game aesthetics for example animal crossing or splatoon :) your is very interesting

  • That aesthetic is so cool :0

I need some help please? ^^"

Hello Hi so, I'm making a "persona" :0 Now I know people would think "what about your character Cross?" Well Cross/Dani, despite me having for like 4-ish years as a character here, is more like a very complicated oc than a persona if you understand what I mean by that?? Originally I created her as an oc and then just kinda used her as a mascot that everyone would recognize ^^" So if you could help me make a persona/oc, I would really really appreciate the tips and opinions! So uh here we go:

Key things:
She will be a Starcross "boss". Meaning a key figure whether that be military leader, dictator, etc. 👌

A. Any distinctive features? (Wings, facial marks, etc.)

B. What's her name? (It can be just first, full name or nickname)

C. Does she have an aesthetic?

D. Color palettes? (I like both warm and cool tones hence why I'm a little stumped-)

E. Clothes? (This kinda ties in with aesthetics but does she wear something specific?)

I just would like to know your thoughts because I'm very lost atm and could really use some help. Thank you for reading this unnecessarily l o n g as heck message of mine and I hope you guys all have a really schnazzy jazzy day!

  • Something that fits you is a short haired character, her name Spades, and freckles of course! she would wear a space hoodie, and probably some nice pants. Her pallet could be some purple, blue, and light green, following a cool color scheme, and with bright hazel eyes. She would have a flower crown made of Jasmines. her shoes would be deku shoes lol

  • Maybe choose whatever feels like something you enjoy I may not be much help But, when I made Shiro, my comfort Oc, I made him based off things that I enjoy

  • Maybe it's a bushbaybee.....,....,,........,,,...,,........... .. Or perhaps a human (scars/injuries are distinct), called uh idk-, probably a vintage/mafia/military aesthetic, leaders usually wear black and red (powerful colour), and a a military uniform??

  • and for the hair i think maybe like a loosely made bun

Idk what this even is?

I honestly really really like this version of her, but I change Cross too much because I keep “changing” irl as I age ^^” Sooo alternate realitY? Maybe overtale I think?

I should honestly consider making an actual “persona” persona? Who doesn’t turn into an oc lol but I don’t know if I should or not *shrug*

Also, this isn’t meant to offend anyone with “triggers” or anything despite the bg image and words. This was just a little “coping” doodle of mine, myself. I’m really sorry if I offend you in any way and for like, wasting a good 5-10 minutes of your time ehehehe- Uh anyways, hope you guys are doing well and uh let me know some thoughts??? Yeppers 👌

Ps. Bg image belongs to google images

  • my version: i wanna go home i don't like this place im allergic to people (humans) yea my oc was updated

  • tbh same my persona is like an oc with her own separate lore or smth- but I decided to keep her kinda "restricted" from becoming an oc, like having super different traits from me (like being super tall and super rude-) and other stuff. I also decided to make her "Storyline" kind of an AU thing cause idk my actual persona just chills around

  • Friend*

  • A persona persona might be cool for you cross! I think this is both a sweet but sad little doodle great work! I hope everything’s alright my frond

I’m makin’ some adopts!

These adopts will be skeletons because yes- but also based on some milkshake flavors! I’m making 12 of them and if you’d like to reserve one please message me about it :) Anyways, have a nice day!

Flavor examples:
Vanilla, Oreo, Matcha, Ube/Taro, etc.

  • May i have a brownie batter if its still availible? :)

  • Cookies and cream? (If it’s still available)

  • May i have Vanilla if that's okay or avalaible? it's sort of comfort flavor of mine.

  • Could you do confetti for me? :000

Me being productive:

The creator gave me permission to use this chaotic chart- Use it at your own risk though lol

This is from a school club discord meeting, full of interesting people who participated in choosing the options for this chart. Let me know your thoughts 😂

  • also 14 and 16

  • 4 (fr)

  • 1. since we don't really know each that well

  • 2. Yes 17. I think of as a Sans in your own little way😊 12. You are kinda like a little sister to other people sometimes

StarCross inside look/secrets

Have any burning questions about this story or suggestions for any of your SC ocs? Feel free to ask/tell me!
Other than that, stay tuned and have fun with finding my secrets :) Good day, Good night, Good morning!

  • I'm gonna make a ref sheet for that scuba character I gave you. So if you don't have an idea for a personality then you can look at it.

  • Um I guess Noah would probably have that (which is why he only visit once a week ) but it isn’t as bad as everyone else that has it. That would also be the reason he doesn’t open his eyes. Minty is minty :)

  • Plus your story's are always super awesome!!

  • Ooooh!! I can't wait!! I've been dieing to know what my OC North is going to look like in your style!


I DO NOT HAVE A SCRATCH ACCOUNT AND THIS ISN'T ME! Guys, this is not something I take very lightly and usually I can brush something off of my shoulders but when you STEAL MY IDENTITY, MY ART and try to give away MY CHARACTERS/DRAWINGS that I worked so hard on as dta adopts...IT IS A LITERAL STAB IN THE BACK AND IDENTITY/ART THEFT!

I don't have a scratch account and I'm not sure how to fix this so I ask that if you are the impersonator, stop it right at this moment and delete that account and APOLOGIZE to the people on there who were adopting my characters and art from you. I have every right to be angry about it because they replaced my signature with text and are stealing my identity. It is not flattering it's horrid behavior that I absolutely DO NOT approve of. Please if anyone can help me with this, I would deeply deeply appreciate it as I have no experience whatsoever with scratch. I'm very sorry for this sudden lash out, but it really does hurt me when someone steals art or an identity. It isn't just. It isn't right and it certainly isn't cool to do that to someone else.

Here's the page:

  • i got a scratch account PROMISE ITS NOT FAKE!!!!!!

  • >:0 NOT COOL FAKER not talking to you cross i meant to say it on the fake cross that has the scratch account

  • I've got a Scratch account but everything was taken down besides the quote and their profile. Hope this gets resolved soon!

  • I had to remake an account but I complain.. cross I really feel bad for you.

“We don’t have many days”

This is just some sneak-peaks of what I got so far for the new chapter I’m working out? What do you guys think?
Furthermore If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I’ll do my best to answer without revealing too much ^^”

Also plz enjoy this picture I took, Imma use it in arT sometime lol

  • > CrossOut It's done ;-;

  • > ✨Razzle Awesome, and there’s no rush :0 Take as much time as you need!

  • > CrossOut ah ok, it will be angel and varien but I am currently working on the before they turned "angels" hopefully I can get it done later on today ;-;

  • > ✨Razzle Nope! Never too late :) If you’d like to add a character just let me know :0