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Daichi and Snaps

  • > 🌸|~Sakura~|🌸 Most likely pffft

  • > SIMANNSTHETIC1(SNAPS) Jesus he would be dead if thats how big it was

  • > 🌸|~Sakura~|🌸 Pffffft

  • > SIMANNSTHETIC1(SNAPS) Omg i just relised what you meant 😳


Illustrations has been published.

MEDI SMP Character - Daichi 「大地」

  • hey for my contest you drew me as aot version, right? if yes congrats you won :D

  • > pErSon Ohh okay, ty

  • > Mikey-kun 2.0 Ye I posted it as a topic here :D I just updated it a bit after posting so that’s why I did the Imgur thing

  • > pErSon Ah, yeah. And imgur is blocked D: Did you post it? Or can you post it? (Sorry, on a school laptop rn)

Multiple illustrations uploaded2