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(Slot one is already taken)

  • > Tired I've never seen fire force :') I have so many anime to catch up on

  • > Mikey-kun My favourite from Fire force is obviously Benimaru XD (my second is Hinawa, then Obi... I can't ever pick, they all have such good character development~)

  • > Mikey-kun YeSsS!!

  • > Tired Yesssss

Hey guess what!

So I'm deciding to make a manga/comic/idfk based off of an rp story!

It's about Angel's and Demon's being divided... idrk yet.

Leave a comment if you want to make a character for it! Here's what you'll need to fill out:
Hair color:

  • > Keith/Kisu| Mkay

  • > Keith/Kisu| Oops, backread and saw teens so...17?

  • Name: Damien Age: 18 or 19 Personality: looks he can kill you, he can, but is also fluffy Gender: male Sexuality: bi Hair color: dark grey Eyes: red Species: demon

  • > Mikey-kun okie