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ご意見・ご要望 お気軽にどうぞ!

MediBangPaint New Brushes!!

Three new cloud brushes have been released today!
↓For more information on the brush, go here!↓

  • Hi! I am an artist from Russia. Please support my creativity❤️🙏🏻🇷🇺.

  • It look like good nice gob

  • > ami_najmie Yes right 🙂 Btw your drawings are just amazing ☺️💜 Appreciating ...

  • > 잘그리고싶어용 잘그리고 싶다!!

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  • こんにちは私はレポートセクションで非常に多くのエラーとバグを報告しましたが、まだ何も修正されていません。 どうして? あなたのルールやサービスに従って私のアートワークのレベルを上げる私のアートはありません、それは本当にがっかりです。

  • > Daniel I know how to participate in their contests and I already participated in two contests, but I can't download the draw and trace templates :(

  • > H.H Choose contest u want to participate and find enter button.

  • Please answer me please, I want to participate in trace and draw contests but I can't because I can't open and use their templates, how to fix this problem?

公式新企画始動!/【Official Project】 Trace & Draw

絵描きの皆様にもっと楽しくART streetをご利用いただくべく、みんなで使える素材を配布します(*'ω'*)

・ART street以外へのご投稿も自由にしていただいてOKですが、右下のロゴはなるべく消さないようにお願いいたします。
In order to make the ARTstreet more fun for all artists, we will be distributing art materials!(* 'ω' *)
・ I want to draw a something, but I don't know what to draw ...
・ I can't think of a pose...
Other troubles that artists encounter, etc....

Draw a picture based on this draft and post it with the tag ""Trace&Draw【Official】""

Of course it's OK to draw alone or you can draw with other users!

※Important Points※
-Please view the posting guidelines.
・ You are free to post to sites other than ART street, but please do not delete the logo on the lower right of the image.
・ We cannot take responsibility for trouble between users.

  • đẹp ó

  • I need to know how to change the background of my profile this is so random. ( ;∀;)

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  • That's pretty cool!


よろしくお願いいたします( *・ω・)*_ _))


黑猫さん( )の作品で



"Desire" created by KuroNeko(黑猫)!

They illistrate a beautiful girl within a dream-like atmosphere, surrounded by mysterious colorful lights that reflect on the suface.

To check out more works from 黑猫, click here!👇✨

  • あなたの作品が好きです!(๑´∀`๑)

  • サポート!

  • やはりプロは違う‥ 私もここまでの技術があれば、大いなる第一歩が‥ とにかく‥美しいの一言です(≧∀≦)

  • Ok So Can somebody please translate because I’m white AF and only understand English