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ご意見・ご要望 お気軽にどうぞ!

「XPPen × MediBang イラストコンテスト2022 」開始!




応募期間: 2022年7月19日(火)(JST)〜2022年9月15日(木)17:00(JST)

  • > The Starving Mangaka 投稿する時にコンテストに応募するというところを押すのかな??? と思います‼️ わからなかったらまた教えてください❗

  • > Misa ☆#めだオタ🖤⚠️🔌 Do you know how to submit the artwork?

  • アートワークを提出する場所は? Where to submit the artwork?

  • where's the link?


Have you decided what you want to challenge this year?

『1月月例コンテスト テーマ:今年のチャレンジ』の応募受付中です!


We are now accepting entries for the January Monthly Contest Theme: “My New Challenge!”
Illustrate your passion for a new goal you want to challenge this year and enter the contest! 

This time, we will pick up and introduce the featured works!

“This year, I want to overcome the obstacles that block my way!”
“I want to achieve my goal this year!“.
Artworks that show your passion like this are what we look forward to seeing more than well drawn illustrations!

  • hahahahaa im 17 and my family say that i am too old for this

  • i feel that spiritually

  • feels

  • I always end up doubting if choosing art as a career would be good or not... going to an art school is worth it or not. because people have been telling us aspirants or even artists that digital or art in genera is not a real job... 'you'll never make money", "there's no scope in it".... I was really skeptical. with the start of this year, I have a clear goal that I'll choose this field as a career. This is what I really want to do in my life... I might not get a big amount but it's not about the money.. I simply enjoy doing art. to all the fellow artists and aspirants over there, believe in yourself! KEEP GOING!! ^^