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ご意見・ご要望 お気軽にどうぞ!

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Draw this again challenge(Horizontal Template)

  • aa i cant wait to do 2020 vs 2021 dddhdhs

  • Hey could you see if you can show me how to draw please I'm not that good 🙏🥺🙏

  • This is so smart u are so smart 😊thanks

  • This is a good topic I can’t wait to try to do 2020 vs now that’s a huge difference


Illustrations has been published.

Draw this again challenge(Vertical Template )

  • it would be very poggers if you guys could check out my stuff, I'm tryna gain a following. Oh god now it sounds like I'm begging

  • Hey It would beee real noice if everyone here could check my comics/manga series out Im tryna get it out there😃

  • can yall like my new lmage plz l am new

  • This was fun ^^


Illustrations has been published.

【公式】トレスde描こう!-第30弾-/Trace&Draw【Official】 no.30

  • I am so mad. I wanted to do the challenge so yea I did for a good hour then I took a picture so I can submit, and I couldn’t find it in my photos. So I restarted my iPad and for got to save my art work, and I took 6 photos of my art and it’s still not there :c. Have a nice day :c

  • It's very beautiful 😍😍❤️💗💞💕💖💞💗❤️

  • > Oreo Wolfie 32 si estas en pc le das click derecho y le das en guardar como. en celular creo que es igual lo mantienes presionado y das en guardar como

  • How do i draw?