I'm an amateur mangaka and I want to share my stories!

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Ch 8 of my manga is out! Please read!

Hey all, my manga is heating up to its 3rd act. Read it here!

I'm going to focus on a one shot for up to 21 days, more than likely it'll just be 14 days, meaning I won't be updating my manga for almost 4 weeks at most (yikes!) But at least I'm not taking a break from drawing, I definitely don't want to lose any practice.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. Here are some of my favorite panels (these panels are basically a short story haha)
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  • 汀行村
    > MortalMangaka
    I agree, there are a lot of people who are putting out a lot of work and trying to improve! This is such a good place to grow creatively and I feel like so many of the mangaka here are motivated and dedicated like you!
    I feel the same way- I want to share my stories! It's the reason I'm trying to make manga instead of just do commission work. Seeing you work so hard definitely inspires me as well! ^w^ I'll have to work hard on my next project! I feel pumped now hahaha
  • MortalMangaka
    > 汀行村
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I want to share my stories more than anything, and if the only thing holding me back is my own ability to draw then I'm going to focus on making that change!

    I am immensely proud but really this place is good inspiration to continue. Like the guy behind "Unite the Hunt!" also grinds out manga and his progression is super steady. People like him and you and many others keep me spirited, thanks again so much!
  • 汀行村
    You are just a shining example of how to dedicate yourself and practice to improve. You just keep getting better, and your art just keeps getting deeper and more inventive. I feel like everyone should take a lesson from your book at how to keep at it and practice hard on a regular basis to improve. The sheer volume of what you've put out also speaks to that. You should be insanely proud.