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  • I Love this art!!

  • > Dzikawa really? she is more like a elf demon. just look closer. well it's my opinion. others may have different thoughts

  • > 黒白 what do you mean by demon? :) she's an elf.

  • why do you like demon art so much?


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Tyrande Whisperwind from World of Warcraft

  • > undefined I'm Dzikawa, why would i delete my own sign?

  • Le podías haber borrado la firma del auténtico autor 😬

  • ooo que lindo sospechoso m...

  • No lo se Rick parece falso.... Hjajajajjaj esta genial


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Chloe Price from Life is Strange

  • > Dzikawa Np. Btw, I see you do a lot of game characters and super heroes. That's cool, they all look amazing

  • > melancholymyfriend Thank you!

  • Wow, great job

  • This. Is. Beautiful! Gracious! Good job.


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  • Как-то давно увидел эту мангу на просторах интернета, очень впечатлила.