I don't even know what I'm doing anymore :3

No commissions. I got too many ideas and I'm too lazy :P
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Just some midnight sketches

I've been struggling with my OC Kuro's face for the longest time. I've always tried to give him a face where he looks cute and handsome at the same time but it never seems to work out.
That is, until I looked up some references of anime boys and now I think I'm getting closer to how I want him to look. I tried to draw him from the front, the side, and that 3/4 view that I don't understand yet lol
The profile that I drew was referenced from a pic I found from Pinterest. It kinda looks like him too and I'm shook XD(I need to find that artist mmmf)
. First pic is the"ref" sheet for him I guess
. Second pic is me putting textures on it cuz I'm extra af(reak)
. The third is the pic I used as reference

Does he look better now, Wolf Dad?
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