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Late night post but o well

Henlo again.
So um. I've been really inactive on here lately. Sorry about that. I've just been kinda losing motivation to keep posting my stuff on here. One, because I kinda hate my art a lot more than I did a few month ago and blah blah blah. And two, Im starting to feel like maybe...
Medibang just isn't the place for me. I've heard a bit about the app Amino, and right now I'm still kinda checking it out. I'm considering trying out amino instead, which is funny because i actually had the app a little while ago, i think before i started posting on Medibang.
Not yet. I'll still drop by once In a while to post something on here if I do decide to go to amino Instead.
I guess my main thing with Medibang is, it feels kinda... Dead?
And when i was visiting amino, it felt a lot more active than Medibang does to me.
But if i do go, don't worry, I'm not gonna leave completely. I got friends on here, and it'd be pretty messed up to just leave them like that. And itd be kinda messed up to do that to my followers.
So um.. just a little update I guess. Sorry about this, guys.
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