I don't even know what I'm doing anymore :3

No commissions. I got too many ideas and I'm too lazy :P
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I've lost the motivation to even draw anymore
Everything just looks like crap anyway lol
I also don't think I can post anymore on my Amino accounts either.
Maybe I'll come back sometime later. Or maybe I just won't post monthly anymore lol
I don't know
I'm not in a good mindset right now.
A lot of stuff has happened lately, and it's kinda messed me up.
I think I'm just gonna take a long break. From social media and stuff.
I don't know.
Maybe I'll be back someday.
I don't even want to try to make this longer.
I just lost the motivation to try anymore. To try anything.
What's the point of trying when there are already people who are just way better than me anyway? What do I do that's any different from anyone else?
I need to stop talking.
See you later.
Maybe I'll delete this when I realize there's no point in telling people on the internet about my problems.
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  • FluffyCat
    > Sorasama
    For now I've been just drawing for myself, I haven't even posted on my aminos since then
    Nothing special, but it feels nice to just draw for no one again like I used to do almost a year ago
    I do plan on posting again, but for now I'm gonna wait until Im in a better mindset, which is what I should have done in the first place before posting anywhere.
    And again, I really appreciate your response, I relate to a lot of what you said tbh 💗💝💖🌸💕💞
  • FluffyCat
    > Sorasama
    ;;-;; ooofff
    Thank you so much for your kind words, im mad that I didn't see this earlier oof
    Not only did I lose motivation, but there's been some personal things going on in my life that really slowed me down
    I'm doing a little bit better now, I really appreciate there being people like you who still encourage me despite me being pretty much non-existent on this site
  • Sorasama
    So I hope that you will overcome your current state of motivation lack, that you'll come back with a stronger mindset after reflecting upon that situation you're in, and that the sharing of my own experience will help you think and ponder basically everything you've talked about :)
    I hope that my message and what I wanted to communicate was clear enough, I hope it came in handy somehow ^^
    And I hope you'll feel better about everything after your hiatus, that you'll overcome this bad time, and that you'll greet us with lots of beautiful drawings ;U;
  • Sorasama
    Fluffy nooo ;^;
    I can relate though, because when I look at others' drawings, it makes me feel like my own are crap and that I'll never reach their level. But I tend to take it as a challenge because I'm kinda a perfectionist regarding the things I'm keen on. So instead I'm just pushing myself to do better and better every time (it can be quite a handful though when I can't possibly draw a lot like right now, because it makes me feel stressed out and restless to some extent;;;).
    But I have never lost my motivation because I'm fond of drawing I guess, and since I went this far why should I stop halfway you know x)
  • BloodieWolfie
    > FluffyCat