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We got a winner

You get a prize, you get a prize, you all get a prize. Unless you didn't participate.

What were the criteria? Well basically I looked at all the characters and try to come up with a story that will include all of them. Then I play the story in my head to see which one should be the protagonist.


Here a the prizes:

8th to 10th

7th place will get 1 drawing request in Medium 32bit-sprite style
- Jeff2kgamer (alternate)

6th place will get 1 drawing request in Large 32bit-sprite style
- P.F.P.R.

5th place will get 1 drawing request size ~512*~512
- Coollin

4th place will get 1 drawing request size ~1024*~1024
- Maria-Senpai

3rd place will get 1 Drawing request, but I will emulate their style.
- -LunarEclipse-

2nd place will get 1 Drawing request.
-Dartrix The Puppet

Most interesting character(aka the one that gets 1st place) gets 1 free ANIMATION request:
- This goes to Pikachugirl gaming! Congratulation.

We have a bonus prize for most best design still to give:
Best design gets 1 free ANIMATION request.
- Congratulations to -LunarEclipse-!

If you want a different prize then the one you got, talk to me, maybe I'll reconsider.

Also if you did enter and don't see your entry, it's because you didn't tell me about it.
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