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New page and character designs

Hey everyone. For the last few weeks I've been cooking up a new one-shot for the MCPO competition. Still drawing everything, but here's an example of a page and some character designs.

The 30-page limit has been really crippling this time, but hopefully it'll all come together and be something worth reading. Hope everyone else is also enjoying working on their entries!
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  • 汀雪村
    > Brojack
    Yeah I do the same. I usually have to rewrite my storyboards so people can read them hahaha, and even then I get questions like "What does that say?"
    It's hard to be patient when drawing everything out.
    Awesome! It's seriously the best feeling when everything comes together!
    I'm like halfway done with the first storyboard draft, going slowly, but I'm honestly psyched about this one. I drew it exactly how I would enjoy it, so we'll see how it fares.
  • Brojack
    > 汀雪村
    Haha don't worry about my handwriting, I scratch it out as quickly as I can on my manuscripts.
    I think everything fits alright within the page limit, but we'll have to see. Looking forward to seeing how your one-shot is coming along!
  • Brojack
    > Ran Do Oniisan
    I know what you mean - it can be hard to get views on Meidbang! Well if you do enter, I'd love to see it, but good luck on Welcome to the flying train project!
  • 汀雪村
    > Brojack
    Oh, hahaha, okay! Actually I should've figured that out. Sorry! Everything else I can read, though! ^^'
    Well, I hope you can fit in everything you want to! Page limits suck for me too hahaha but I'm sure I'll enjoy it!
  • Ran Do Oniisan
    > Brojack
    You're welcome! Good luck to you! ... I don't know yet...I 'm working on the challenging "Welcome to the flying train - project"...and I have very little free time. I can only post illustrations from time to time. Furthermore there are fewer viewers here on Medibang...