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What is the difference between "favorites" and "likes"??? Is favoriting something private? Are people shy about liking stuff? I see more favorites than likes a lot of the time! I wonder why...
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  • 汀雪村
    > Meowgene
    Ohhhh- that makes a lot of sense!! Thank you a lot! Now I'm really happy people are favoriting some of my art- I can't believe they want to view it again!!! *dances*
    Thank you again!
  • Meowgene
    I’m about to say the difference is the spelling ^_^
    But base on my observation favorite acts like a playlist where you can view the the art again anytime you want.
    For likes it’s for the things that you “LIKE” or give someone a thumbs up letting them know you like it without having to comment.
    I rarely use like because I always use an android tablet and uses the Medibang paint app to view submitted arts and that app only have a favorite button so no likes for me well except if I'm on the desktop
  • 汀雪村