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Why is there so mich stolen content on this website? ..
Especially the popular feed. And what makes me even more sad are the people who don't notice it and support the thieves.
Seriously 60% of the popular stuff is stolen art. I don't know about clockbirds but I believe it's the real artist? Hopefully.
It would be a shame if it was a faker. They already gained hundreds of followers and stuff. It's would be sad if a thief gets so much attention and compliments.

Edit: did some research, clockbirds is not a faker here.
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  • I will not tell you the most artwork of Lauri Chan Arte which withdrawn by MEDIBang because of i use all my effort to find out the ORIGINAL artist to proof that all artworks are the stolen stuff and report it to manegement department~ i know i act like the carzy hater XDD but i wont let this kind of stolen content ruin my mood, so please dont feel sad for the kind of case too.
    And i am so happy to see your beautiful artwork via you leave a comment under the fake artwork, it link me here. I really love toothless and your colour are so sweet! Hope the stolen case wont stop the step for update your artwork, I wish i can see more of your talend artwork!
    *sorry for my lousy english~i am not good at it~
  • «Lion»
    and i have done research as well. omfg i feel like an idiot now <^>
  • Magcat27
    kids do it to get attention, and because they don't think their own art is up to scratch to the standards of others. We have the same problem on Warriors Amino all the time, sadly
  • «Lion»
    I dont think the Clockbirds person thats recently been posting the colckbirds things is the real one. good graphics with the pictures, but dont ya think clockbirds would have already posted them? especially since a few of the ones they posted were made waaaaaay back before the person had even created the profile. i bet u its not the real one. and if it is, my apologies, this is just my theory.
  • ΔҜUMU悪夢
    I'll tried messaging the medibang staff, see what they can do.