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  • Hi, my name is Asw, I am writing a very famous book on the web novel, and I am also looking for a illustrator for my book. If you agree, Your Name will be on the cover with me. And if we agree on the drawing, the drawing will be sent to the anime site. What do you say,Are you in? It is out of nowhere to ask you this, but I have seen your artwork and thought you can help me on my "Manga Project." The thing that I wanted to ask you that, I'm planning to make a 6 paneled manga, (per page), to create a little shounen manga that people might like! It is going to be black and white, a shounen type style comic book (Optional according to the style that we are going to agree on) and it will have few chapters to start with. Whenever you want to contact or get more information, I'm here! Have a good day.

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