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I'm tired of never being good enough.

Sorry for not much art recently, I'll try and post soon! Love you guys! 💛
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  • -MintYoogurt-
    > HyoWoo
    awwhhh <3 ;u; ur one of my best friends too
  • HyoWoo
    > -MintYoogurt-
    ;u; Thankies, I'll try and post soon! I'll always be here for you too! You're one of my best friends and I can't thank you enough! Your art is amazing and you're a wonderful, unique person- I'm jealous!~ <3
  • HyoWoo
    > Daphnesorous
    Aw thank you ;u; it means so much to me. I'll try my very best and I hope you know that you're an amazing person too!
  • -MintYoogurt-
    It's okie Lamby if you don't post for a while, because we all understand that you are going through some hard times and if you need time that is fine <3 You will always be the best to me, and actually for a long time, and I still am, I was always really jealous of you because your so nice and your art is amazing. Just remember if you need to talk to me, I'm here for you~ <3
  • Harsca Hiwarya
    Just learn to draw with shapes and simple volumes, everything else will follow