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Time for a vent

The stuff I'm venting about happened a while ago so most of you probably won't care but whatever, I need to vent. So here goes.

Why is it that I am having to console you over a situation you caused? You hurt me, embarrassed me and sent me into a state of mild depression for a while. You proved to me why I shouldn't trust people. Yet you are the one who acts like the victim of what you have done. You act all sorry and threaten to leave and act all depressed when you CHOSE to do what you did. You knew it was wrong but you still did it. You lied and broke me and you expect forgiveness. You think a simple sorry would fix it. But no. That's not how it works. I had to make YOU feel better when I was hurt the most. Then all our friends take your side over mine. No one cared that I was hurt. What am I? Some toy or robot you lie to and hurt before throwing me away? Is that how you see me? I TRUSTED you. You hurt me and your the one who gets the sympathy not me. Well I'm done. I don't care. I never want to hear from you again. Ever. So back off, grow up and leave me alone.

Oh, and sorry for inactivity! I am working on several artworks but I haven't been well recently.
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