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  • > Dinosaurbean I don't see selling my art as a viable option lol ahah, maybe if I get lucky I could win a few contests every now n then, I'm not going to win everytime though, so getting hired and doing comms are my best bets then

  • > risavisven Well, you could just straight up sell you art, or spend you time entering art contests, orrr you could go to collage and get a degree in art, and try to get hired, there is also the option of teaching art :0

  • > Dinosaurbean I guess I can't really avoid doing comms if I want to make money from art, yes there are merchs and patreon but I'm certain that it won't pay well for me (unless I'm mega famous or talented idk)

  • > risavisven I donโ€™t do commissions anymore, since the people made things hella hard smh ๐Ÿ—ฟ

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