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Extremely busy


Cookie run related thing, again. Maybe I'll finish it later

  • > Tigermoth Yeah it still need a lot of touch ups and details, thamk ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿช๐Ÿพ it's almost finished today

  • oh my gosh, wait that's unfinished?! It looks so good rn! Love it!

  • > umbriiel Thanks! I've always been ignored almost everywhere irl, so I've gotten somewhat used to it. Attention is not something I so badly wanted anymore

  • tbh you really deserve more attention on here


Are my backgrounds boring or plain? If so then, how to make it more interesting?

Been meaning to ask this for a while.

  • > Night Your backgrounds are fine the way it is ^^ sometimes less is more, I just really like to decorate things

  • LMAO WHAT- youโ€™re backgrounds are PHENOMENAL Literally look at my sorry excuses for backgrounds

  • > Firebull Thanks alot, I'm so glad to hear that ^^

  • > umbriiel Thank you, thought it's getting a tad uninspired because I've been sort of burning out recently


I feel very bad for getting the silver rank and 75 folls lol

Alot of serious piece of artworks are largely ignored... I don't even deserve that much honestly.

Maybe I'm a con artist-

  • wait w h a t dude. your art is spectacular you deserve everything youโ€™ve earned so far

  • > risavisven don't worry your doing great just keep doing what you love : )

  • > kat thanks so much, I still doubt myself at times. .. how and why did I develop this feelings hmm..

  • you deserve it great job and your art is amazing

๐ŸŒน ๐Ÿ† ๐ŸŒน

Uhhhh I've got the flu, maybe I won't be uploading any new drawing for a few days.

He was chuffing at me in my dream hmmm

  • Eeeee swift healing and restoration! Hope you feel better super soon! Also beautiful art nwn

  • > XxGrassy_AvocadoxX Yeah, due to budget limitations... I have to make do with a low-end phone and my fingers. Thanks, I hope it's not the virus lol. I've been chilling in my house for months..

  • Oh no! Hope u feel better. also U draw on ur PHONE!!?! Wow ur so good...

๐ŸพProgression ๐Ÿพ

Epic bruh moment.
Yeah, I drew that thing years ago. It was made in IbisPaint.

๐ŸŒผAnyway, would you be interested in a lighting tutorial from me? It's nothing professional but maybe it might help you out a little bit?

  • > risavisven Oof Hope you can get whatever you need!

  • > .โ€ขโ™ฌโ€ข Finger hurts after thousands of hours ouch but it's worth it I guess. Planning to buy a laptop but eh, maybe not now.... this pandemic is really terrible. Gotta save money.

  • Sure! And oml that looks absolutely amazing, you've improved so much!

  • > Night Not gonna lie that older drawing took me around 6 hours lol

๐Ÿฅ€65 followers? Ok. ๐Ÿฅ€

Me overrated

Also, MediBang's new update sucks as hell. Maybe I'll do some kind of an artist support in the future. The rank system is ok tho

๐ŸŒผUh, check out my latest post if you want. Theo and Poppy doing best friends thing.

  • > risavisven For me I'm more like 'oh cool I wonder what's going on here' and don't even realize it Ye I'm glad ^^

  • > .โ€ขโ™ฌโ€ข I can't really settle with one theme smh, it's pretty jarring to go from modern-neon to vintage-20's. The viewers must have been like- "Did I just time travelled...?" Anyway, thank you so much. That comment means alot to me ^^

  • > risavisven Pfft who cares Your art seems pretty consistent to me, and when it changes, its because you've improved or are doing something new, which is always refreshing Your art is awesome

  • > .โ€ขโ™ฌโ€ข Thanks alot, I really need to "fix" my gallery's looks. It's so messy.... Why can't I be consistent like other artists (ยฌ_ยฌ)