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  • > risavisven This is your first time drawing a rodent? It looks really good :0 Yeah, they were pretty cute

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ Arigathanks, I've never drawn a rodent before, so I thought it'd be fun to try ^^ your rat pals must be very adorable

  • Aww he's so cute I have a thing for rats and mice, probably because I had pet rats that I loved dearly, I miss them

  • pain


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🐾🖤Sardonic Stare🖤🐾

  • > risavisven Hmm I might use it for the same purpose It looks really neat though

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ Thank you, I just realized how cool pencil (sharp) is for rendering fur

  • Damn, that looks amazing!


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  • I'll be as careful as can be *successfully heals ear* It's still broken but he no longer has to suffer the pain as it's now healed Here's your money $$$ and here's your boop *boop*

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ Hm sounds like a good deal, becareful when interacting with him though. He's this greedy loanshark kind of dude

  • > risavisven I'll still give him the money for me to make it so that it doesn't hurt anymore He still gets to keep his lost eat but at least it won't hurt anymore However if he accepts, there is a cost, one single nose boop lol

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ Thanks for the kind offer, but he said he likes it better that way. He thinks it looks cool? Ugh I don't understand him..


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  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ Ayo thanks, no need to worry. I'd usually just take a long break from my phone and meditate

  • This is super cute I read the desc, I want to say, I hope you feel better but I wasn't sure if you were talking about your current situation If you are talking about you right now, I hope you feel better

  • > Gamergirl Thank you, I'm glad you think so

  • This looks like it took a lot of time it caught my eye so fast keep up the hard work!


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🐾"9" Styles🐾

  • > risavisven its alrighty but please dont apologize over anything, its not your fault just know that people are there for you no matter what

  • > Aori No, I don't want to talk about it ^^; Thank you for the kind words. I can still hold it. Sorry for the bad vibes, journaling usually works for me but for some reason, it's not working anymore? That's odd

  • aa hello there, i dont comment on your drawings like at all but i admire your skills and talents on a whole different level but uh i got a bit concerned by your comment there <:( are you ok? i know we dont know each other but do you wanna talk it out? even just a little bit?

  • Pengen mati aja rasanya. Tapi nanti masuk neraka, gimana ya


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Ruben 🗿

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ It feels so odd to see him without his fluffy long tail

  • That's one fully identified floolf


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🌸Agatha's Ref Sheets🌸

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ No thanks, I've blocked them. Hopefully they won't create another account just to attack me again

  • > risavisven 🗿🗿🗿🗿 that's a pretty dumb reason to be reported.......... Want to hire me to take care of them too? I'll gladly do it for free

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ Someone once reported me just because my characters are gangsters. I'm not even glorifying them, I've only told the bad side of it. It's not all fun and glamour, women are oppressed there. Men turned into killing machines. I've already thrown a few undercovers to destroy their groups🗿yeah keep reporting me lol

  • > risavisven Why would medi take it down? I don't see any issues with it Looks good btw

Multiple illustrations uploaded4


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☀️Sunny Park☀️

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ Ah well that could work too, it's one of his fav foods. He hugs you with his fluffy tail as a way of saying thanks

  • > risavisven I don't have money so here have french fries for 1 nose boop lol

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ Maybe he wouldn't mind but that'll cost you some $$$ hehe

  • > risavisven No but I will stare at his nose Give his nose a good boop


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  • Also, please get some rest; you are not compensated for putting your health at risk. It's crucial to get enough sleep, drink enough water, and consume enough food. Take this into consideration and put yourself first.😊

  • Scary but cute🥺💕


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  • > ↡𝕃𝕦𝕞𝕓𝕣𝕁𝕒𝕔𝕜↡ Most of my friends suggested 10-15$ which is pretty expensive... it equals to around Rp200.000 uh.. I can buy two large pizzas here with those money lol. I just want to make sure that I can provide for my parents and siblings cause I'm the oldest kid. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll watch Crowne Prince's video after I'm done with an owed art

  • well, it depends on how much you want per hour and the working costs i’m no expert on pricing, but I’d recommend watching crowne prince’s video about pricing art it’s v useful and may help! it is all in usd so idk how you would translate that into rupiahs (assuming you’re from Indonesia based off your bio), but I’d give it a watch!


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  • > risavisven ohh ic ic but ur art is so good tho :flushed:

  • > aydn I'm using a Samsung A51 to draw just about everything, so I feel kinda obligated to draw her lol ><

  • > risavisven sam appreciation squad

  • > aydn I can't resist the urge to draw her ^^;


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  • > Night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thank you :") it feels so cool to art trade with your favorite artist, I was quite nervous

  • I have no words- This is beautiful ✨