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  • 綺麗です!

  • This is so pretty, i love it!


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  • Congrats on achieving Level 7!!!! Great job!!!

  • Ayyy congrats on level 7!!! Also the illiustration is really good :0

  • > آکیرا لوکا Thanks 😊 🙏

  • > makoto sure, I'll try to remember to film the next painting :)


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Hu Tao

  • Wenderfull

  • Um, woah. That’s great, like holy holy moly


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Uraraka Ochako

  • I love it! :"3

  • Holy crap this is amazing!!! 🤩🤩

  • > Akira Luca :)

  • > ThunderAnimate そこまで僕の絵を気に入ってもらえて、とても嬉しいです :)


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Otogibara Era

  • Elle est sublime! J'aime beaucoup ses long cheveux....💖💖

  • > Akira Luca Je vous en prie! Heureuse d'être tomber sur votre illustration, vous un grande artiste!

  • > ChibiL.Rini Merci beaucoup! Je suis tellement content que vous l'avez aimé :D

  • MAGNIFIQUE! Je suis admiratrice!!


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Asuna Stacia

  • Beautiful fanart!

  • > Galaxy thanks, I'm glad you liked it honestly practice is what'll increase your speed the most. But I'm sure you've already heard that way too much. some other things that may help: -using a timer (1h for line art, 1h flat colors...etc) -speed-drawing -watching tutorials from a variety of creators -reflecting on what you spent the most time on once you finish a piece -avoiding tweaking minor details after you finish a section.(for example, don't go back to fix part of the line art after you start shading unless if it's a major issue) -taking a break from drawing complete pieces to do some rough practice sketches (only if you're consistently spending excessive time trying to perfect a single part) -don't spend too much time collecting reference -don't merge layers without a backup hope that helps, but don't worry about how long it takes. You'll naturally get faster, the more you draw. :)

  • How do you draw so always takes me forever... do you have any tips?

  • Awesome drawing!! I love the colors!!


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  • Ohhhhmyyyyygooooodddddd!

  • Beautiful!!


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  • Woow..great vibe..soo cute

  • Cuute

  • Great improvement.

  • Super style!


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Magic Girl

  • Elle est très belle! J'aime beaucoup l'effet magique d'un anime!!

  • Wow!! This is very beautiful great job! :0


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  • How is this NOT 7??!! It's amazing!!!

  • So cute!!!

  • The detail is amazing! Very beautiful piece of art ❤


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  • The colors are gorgeous!

  • Yours art is very beautiful.

  • WOOOOAUH!!! Bonne chance!

  • Her design is so Wonderful ! ✨✨✨ The drawing too 😄


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  • > Color kitty thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

  • Nice drawing!!


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  • Our emergency food

  • 最好的伙伴(×) 最好的食材(√)

  • > hi_imtrashy Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. As for tips I'd suggest the following: -look back at your previous pieces occasionally to see where you can/have improved -post art online to get critiques/suggestions -focus on improving one skill at a time -watch tutorial videos -draw a ton of whatever you like As long as you practice and enjoy art, you'll naturally improve. Good luck :)

  • I would love to make art as pretty as yours some day 😭 could you give me some tips?