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Day 2 - Suit

  • > DukeZhack Thanks, glad you liked it! :D True the coloring turned out decent but the face/lineart definitely needs work... :/ Might redraw it at some point as this pose is challenging (Forces you to consider anatomy/cloth folds), thus great for learning. That and suits are cool :)

  • It was good though. The shading and the vibrants complements and strikes together. 👀👌👍👍👍


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Herrscher of the Void - Honkai Impact

  • Man I just happened to stumble upon your artworks of Hi3 and woah they look amazing! I could only dream to draw like you

  • > Akira Luca yeah it was SUPER COOL. Nice to watch. wow, just 4h???? I thought it took u at least 2 or 4 days😊 gud luck Akira.

  • > N3RU5HI thanks for watching, hope it was somewhat interesting :) line art and coloring took ~3h (with ~1-0.5h used to apply flat colors and plan how to color the next part) didn't keep track of how long I spent collecting reference and sketching but had to restart several times so that probably took 1-1.5h. so in total ~4h for the entire piece felt easier than usual though, mainly because of the simple pose and minimal effects :D

  • I watched it. really how long did it take to finish this?


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water girl

  • that coloring process is super....👍👍👍 wanna color like that too...

  • BOOTIFUL! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • ohh cool speed paint! 2 hours is so fast :O


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Stygian Nymph - Honkai Impact

  • > Akira Luca Oh wow that's very helpful! Thank you! :D

  • > StarMoonlight hmm some tips regarding coloring/effects: - experiment. Never hurts to try new brushes or blending modes. Also avoid merging layers in case you change your mind. - browse art centered sites. Personally pixiv gives me a lot of inspiration for different lighting/shading styles to try. - take a break before finishing. I like to spend ~1h away from my drawing before adding finishing touches because I tend to overshade/overdo effects. - use grayscale. Adding a temporary grayscale filter can help show whether you have enough dark/light/middle tone hope that helps :)

  • This is gorgeous! I really love how you color and use effects. Do by any chance u have any tips? ;w;


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  • 綺麗です!

  • This is so pretty, i love it!


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  • Congrats on achieving Level 7!!!! Great job!!!

  • Ayyy congrats on level 7!!! Also the illiustration is really good :0

  • > آکیرا لوکا Thanks 😊 🙏

  • > makoto sure, I'll try to remember to film the next painting :)


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Hu Tao

  • Wenderfull

  • Um, woah. That’s great, like holy holy moly


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Uraraka Ochako

  • I love it! :"3

  • Holy crap this is amazing!!! 🤩🤩

  • > Akira Luca :)

  • > ThunderAnimate そこまで僕の絵を気に入ってもらえて、とても嬉しいです :)


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Otogibara Era

  • > Mamibangchbi oui moi aussi je trouve , l'angle de vue la met très en valeurs !!!

  • Elle est sublime! J'aime beaucoup ses long cheveux....💖💖

  • > Akira Luca Je vous en prie! Heureuse d'être tomber sur votre illustration, vous un grande artiste!

  • > ChibiL.Rini Merci beaucoup! Je suis tellement content que vous l'avez aimé :D


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Asuna Stacia

  • Beautiful fanart!

  • > Galaxy thanks, I'm glad you liked it honestly practice is what'll increase your speed the most. But I'm sure you've already heard that way too much. some other things that may help: -using a timer (1h for line art, 1h flat colors...etc) -speed-drawing -watching tutorials from a variety of creators -reflecting on what you spent the most time on once you finish a piece -avoiding tweaking minor details after you finish a section.(for example, don't go back to fix part of the line art after you start shading unless if it's a major issue) -taking a break from drawing complete pieces to do some rough practice sketches (only if you're consistently spending excessive time trying to perfect a single part) -don't spend too much time collecting reference -don't merge layers without a backup hope that helps, but don't worry about how long it takes. You'll naturally get faster, the more you draw. :)

  • How do you draw so always takes me forever... do you have any tips?

  • Awesome drawing!! I love the colors!!


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  • Ohhhhmyyyyygooooodddddd!

  • Beautiful!!


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  • Woow..great vibe..soo cute

  • Cuute

  • Great improvement.

  • Super style!


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Magic Girl

  • Elle est très belle! J'aime beaucoup l'effet magique d'un anime!!

  • Wow!! This is very beautiful great job! :0