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Your Way

  • Good job!!!

  • > CanizArt thank you!

  • Very good perspective!

  • > HyoyoSsi thanks!! don't worry you'll get better with practice ! :)


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  • the Art is in another whole new level or creation

  • > line wow thank you! I'm really glad that you like it aha!

  • what the fuck ? how did your brain works , like dude .. this is so fucking creative . my deadass brainccells would not think somwthing interesting , its just "anime men anime men anime men anime men "

  • > 2147 youre welcome~ ^^


Illustrations has been published.


  • He's funny, huh? Well, humor IS where it's at. After cooking skills lol

  • Keep your good work! Stay healthy and don't forget to be happy~ Let's support each other artist too! ^^


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  • it was like shadows house. this was an amazing story to read. I cried at the very end.

  • > Raphael Day wow thanks!! i'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  • > Hayra96 thank you!!

  • This is pretty remarkable and the art is amazing - the amount of detail on each page is mindblowing - well done! =D