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wow im creative

this all happened last night and im still salty/happy from what happened
So, me coming back from my awesome, radical vacation decided that the best thing to do was to reunite with my computer. which was a great idea! But. But but but, my computer, being the lovable dickhead that it is after being decommissioned for two weeks straight, just didn't run smoothly at all. So, I, being the tech wizard that i totally am, simply shut down and hoped for the best. I boot up my computer and open up Clip Studio, only to be met with "Your license for Clip Studio Paint Pro has expired. Thank you for choosing our program." And I couldn't believe my eyes; it turns out that software/tablet bundles come with a limited warranty license, something that I skimmed over while reading the instructions, some fateful two years ago. So, I panicked. Wonderful, really. I spent the best of two hours trying to regain my trusty program, but it was to be paid for, something that couldn't really happen. My only choice was to downgrade from Clip Studio Paint Pro to Clip Studio Paint Debut. A minor inconvenience, really, but I was devastated, heartbroken, if you will. But, as Newton's Third Law stands true, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, which only meant that something good to counteract such a calamity must be put into place. While I searched for the license key to my now expired program, I stumbled upon what could only be described as a miracle. The downloadable drivers, personalized for each Wacom product. My computer, as lovely as it is, had outdated drivers that weren't compatible with my pen pressure settings. I had learned to adapt, yes, but nothing could compare to the sweet joy of opening up Clip Studio to learn that my computer bestowed mercy upon my tablet. I downloaded the drivers and installed them and now, much to my joy, I can use pen pressure.
tl;dr: my computer is big meanie but now i have a better art experience and maeyo can be overly dramatic when they really want to be