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2019 Medi-Chan Summer Fashion Dressup Contest - ART street by MediBang

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MediBang Paint official character Medi-Chan

might dress up clothes based on your designs!!

Two months have passed in this year of 2019. Summer time is also around the corner as well.

It is the time for Medi-Chan to change summer clothes!

There is a great opportunity to let Medi-Chan wear the clothes you designed,

even shown-up at MediBang official social networks and websites.



※Entrants are able to add accessories or backgrounds in their submissions.

Rules are simple!!

Three kinds of templates are prepared for you.

Any kind of drawing apps are available.

Download the template file and create your designs according to the templete.

Entrants are not allowed to modify Medi-Chan from the template. (color changing, pose changing, etc.)

Any submissions which break the rules being mentioned, will not deemed as entries.

When you submit your works to MediBang, more explanations about your design will catch judges' attention, which might be more chances to win the prize.


※Please download the template file below and then create your artworks according to the template.

※When your use the PSD file as a template, export the file as a PNG before your submit the entry.

※Please use MediBang Paint to open the mdp file.

《Please check here if you are MediBang Paint users》

Who is Medi-Chan


ProfileMediBang Paint official character "Medi-Chan", who has supported MediBang Paint for almost 3 years debuted in 2016.


Height、Weight、AgeHeight: 20cm Weight & Age: Unknown

FeatureGood at color managing. Creem puff and cholocate pudding is her favorite.

FriendsNaive "Peny", Cool "Ai", Naughty "Ryoku"

Enter in 3 easy step

  • 1Draw a illustration

  • 2Check the box next to the banner


  • 3Submit to ART street


2019 Medi-Chan Summer Fashion Dressup Contest Submission Details

Entry Period
Mar. 1st 2019 - 5:00 p.m. (JST) on Apr. 26th 2019
Entry Format
・MDP, JPG, PNG(File size:Under 30MB)
・No designated size, but the DPI must be at least 300
・・Template (Medi-Chan) modification is prohibited.
Please Note
・Entries that are sexual, or might result in causing harm to other people are not accepted. Any entries breaking this rule will be blocked or account suspended.
・Depictions that infringe upon the rights (image rights, copyrights, etc.) of a third party are prohibited.
・Entrants should keep the original file before the results announced.
・Works that are submitted to the contest will be posted for free and without compensation on the website managed by MediBang, Inc., social networking services/sites, catalogs, etc., for purposes such as [promoting the contest, advertising, announcing the results, etc.]
・Anyone can enter the contest, regardless of whether they are a pro or just draw as a hobby.
・Entrants may enter as a team.
・Only primary works that entrants own all the rights to distribute for free and unpublished works may be entered.
・No limit to the number of times a person can apply. Entrants are welcome to submit multiple works.
・Plagiarism, or any double (duplicate) works which have been submitted to another contest outside ART street, will not be accepted.
How to Enter
【Regarding to MediBang Paint】
1.Register as a user on MediBang Paint
2.Download the template in the middle of the page
3.Add the contest tag MEDICHAN2019 and post on ART street.
※submissions manual:CLICK HERE

【Regarding to MediBang Contest Website】
1. Register as a user on ART street.
2. Click Creators submit here at the top of the ART street website.
3. Click Submit on the ART street Creators page.
4. Select the Illustration tab and then upload your file as a MDP, JPG or PNG.
5. Enter the title and add the MEDICHAN2019 tag.
6. Click Submit & Publish.
Grand Prize(1):¥30,000+MediBang Paint official social network released
Excellent Award(2):¥10,000+MediBang original goods
Finalists(10):Posted on contest results page
※There is no guarantee as to the number of prize-winning works for each prize.
How to Claim the Prize
The prize money will be sent to the entrant's MediBang account using their PayPal, or wired to their bank account (the winner will accept the responsibility of any associated wiring fees).
By entering in this contest, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions detailed in the Contest Rules, so please read them thoroughly before you enter.

Please register and enter the contest!