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Grand Prize Serialization in Magazine Pocket + Editor





Thank you for all the positive comments from the judging panel. I am very ecstatic to be serialized among professional Japanese manga creators. (I especially worship Takeshi Hinata.) I am very grateful to have my work seen by many more people as a part of the MediBang Contest. I will keep striving to do my best!

Editor's Comment

It was an extremely high level piece with wonderful drawings and a spectacular story. We felt the author must've spent much time studying what Japanese clubs are like. We were unanimous in choosing this for first place. The contrast between the protagonist -- the frustrated prodigy -- and his hard-working average joe of a friend was done spectacularly. The hero's return was also drawn thoroughly. What made us rate this one step above all the other entries was that it was able to show off the appeal of other characters, as well as the main character. What needs work is how the antagonist was drawn and there needs to be more reasoning behind his strength besides simply being an upperclassman. There needs to be more of an obstacle for the main character to overcome. If both the protagonist and the antagonist have the same level of appeal, then the manga will improve by leaps and bounds.

Runner-up Editor





Thank you for choosing me for this award. I only wanted to complete this manga, so to actually be chosen to be a winner was something completely out of my mind.
I'll keep doing my best to draw another manga that people would enjoy reading!

Editor's Comment

First of all, we thought the level of the drawings was wonderfully high, especially the frontispiece and the first image of the werewolf. Both of them were extremely charming and succeeded in giving readers an exciting first impression. Also, although the story didn't have many pages, it was full of twists and kept us entertained. We felt that the creator put a lot of thought into their readers when they drew this and as a manga it is spectacular on every level. In terms of what the creator could work on, they could add drawings that would leave a lasting impression in the latter half. We think if they were to study more about the structure of a manga and how a buildup along with fantastic drawings can add to the story's climax for readers, then it would enhance the appeal of the manga.





This was the first oneshot I made, and I'm so happy that it got chosen as one of the winners. I had very much fun working on this manga and I really want to improve myself in order to reach even more people. I'll certainly work hard to become a better manga artist. Thank you everyone for reading my oneshot!

Editor's Comment

The design of Ato (Phuka), wearing an eyepatch and dressed in military garb, was excellent. We were infatuated with the idea of Phuka, a ghost that receives the life of those he makes a contracts with! We felt the tragic circumstances behind Ray -- a person on deathrow for murdering someone in order to save his own sister and ends up teaming up with Ato -- would really get readers behind him.
The idea that if Phuka were to die, then so would the contracted human was an important concept that would bind the two together and brings a necessity to the story.
The latter half of story involving their escape and structured around the organization chasing them and the perspective of the two heroes being chased was simple and easy to understand. The battle scenes were also drawn interestingly.
Ato the Phuka and Ray the deathrow (escapee) inmate are both drawn adorably and help nullify the savage underlying theme. It was truly a manga that was full of beautiful artwork!

Finalists x6

  • Author Jowa
    Title Häxan

    Editor's Comment

    The drawings of the girls were very cute. Even if the manga were to be serialized in a Japanese magazine, they would go toe-to-toe with other serializations - that's how high the level was.
    The heroine time travels from Stockholm in 2017 to 1670. After being teleported to the past, she ends up trying to save a girl who's just about to be executed. But since perhaps there weren't enough pages, the story ends abruptly and we didn't feel like there was enough of it. We would have loved to read more about the conversations between a present day kid and a girl from 1670. There would've been a major gap in time between the way the two of them would converse, so we imagined it would've been a blast.

  • Author Ricardo Mango

    Editor's Comment

    The Name was all-in-all easy to read and well-structured.
    A coming of age story about a single person beginning with the childhood of the main character, William, and into his school days and then adulthood. What was most appealing about it was that it felt like a dramatic epic.
    It was brilliant having two robot characters - Atlas and Asimov - clearly display their own characteristics while using the classic theme of the Three Laws of Robotics, "Robots must not kill a human being; robots must obey humans; robots must protect their own existence." Especially Asimov's violent tendancies that had a certain madness to him made us feel it was one of the worthwhile reading points of this manga. The last battle scene at William's house was gruesome and we couldn't say that the bad ending left a great aftertaste, but it certainly had some wonderful shootout scenes. Atlas' courageous actions, which obeyed the Three Laws of Robotics and their overlapping with his memories of William were particularly moving. However, the drawings were somewhat lacking.

  • Author 9歲
    Title 未來悖論

    Editor's Comment

    The premise of having to kill a girl classmate in order to prevent the end of the world in 15 years time draws in the reader immediately and it worked very effectively. Also, the cute drawings matched well with the story's dark theme; it really enabled us to follow the serious and heavy buildup of the story to its conclusion. What we thought was somewhat abrupt and needed work was how the key to the end of the world at the climax of the story was the main character. If there were something to show that the character realized and understood the fact (a way of convincing the reader), then it would have been much better.

  • Author Sideburn004
    Title Штиль

    Editor's Comment

    A manga about a hero that fights monsters unseen by normal people. We thought that more so than the design of the hero, the creature designs were superb. Especially the enormous creature that appears on the two-page spread really evoked a sense of fear when you look at it. The designs of the enemies were wonderful and jabbed at the heart of readers. What we thought was unfortunate was that the character from the viewpoint of the reader doesn't really do anything. We think that this was probably just the beginning of the story and it would have developed further, but even so, there was too much of nothing. When the massive monsters appear, a scene of him doing something brave or a scene where you see him outgrowing his useless self would've have been nice. We'd love for you to write a one-shot version of this in the future.

  • Author KaoruOkino
    Title 6 WORLDS

    Editor's Comment

    We gave it a good review because the art was really well done. The characters were drawn in a science fiction type world and we really enjoyed reading the scenes. The main character Trivial is cute for sure, and Atlas is a pretty cool character too. But by far, the story needed work. There’s a lot of information about the setting in the beginning, so that makes it kind of hard to enjoy when you’re taking in so much. This could be really interesting if we could better understand why there was so much extra written. This manga had a lot of information to take in on the first page, so if the second one had less then it would be easier to read. Other than that, we think the characters were really interesting.

  • LanguageEspañol

    Editor's Comment

    A story about 6 boys and girls who are trapped in a strange house and try to escape.
    It was spectacular and full of promising premises. Especially the idea of playing a weird card game in order to escape the house was extremely interesting and we eagerly read it until the very end.
    Having a traitor among the ranks of the six of them was a great idea, but we didn't quite understand the character's motive (maybe it was to save himself?)
    The contrast between the main character Shin and the traitor Aiden wasn't drawn very well. Their faces look too much the same and there were scenes we didn't quite understand.
    The gamemaster Lilim was cute and strange. She really succeeded as a character that instilled a massive presence. The Tinman wearing a metal mask also had a certain uniqueness to him.