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Happy 2017!

Happy new year to all of you!! How are you?

I'm working in the Weekly Shonen Magazine x MediBang Manga Contest yet, the deadline is coming and I'm nervous! But I can do it on time! Are you going to participate? I want to participate in the MCPO Award too, and in the Silent Manga Audition. And I'm working in Ugnis too! So busy! But I'm very happy.

I'm trying again with traditional, inking in digital it's pretty slow for me, and my eyes hurt if I watch a screen 24/7. How do you work? Digital or traditional?

I wish I could have a lot of free time to play videogames, lately I only can play Pokemon GO, lol. Do you have any favourite videogame? I love all the Pokemon, but I also love Skyrim, Fatal Frame, Minecraft, L4D2, Age of Empires, Silent Hill, GTA, Saints Row... Too much ;;;;;

I want to show you a piece of the cover of my work for WSM x MB contest! I hope you like it.

If you have something you want to tell me or ask me, feel free to do it! (In spanish or english, but my english is pretty bad, haha)

Bye bye!
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