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Thank you people!

Hi hi! How are you doing? ^ u ^)/

So long since I wrote the last topic. I'm not on writing journals and that stuff, so I'm sorry if I don't make this often. Plus my english is not a big thing, but I'm doing my best to learn!

I want to give a big thanks to all of you who read my comics, really. I'm amazed, you're the best! I will work hard to make them better and better!

Did you know? I have a tumblr about Ugnis. It was just an ask-thing, but now I use it like a blog too, and it has news about updates, and all that stuff. If you want, you can ask to the characters of Ugnis any question, or maybe to me! Here it is: http://askugnis.tumblr.com/ If you have any fanart, fanfic, or whatever about Ugnis, I will reblog it if you mention me! ❤

If you didn't read Ugnis yet: https://medibang.com/book/4q1603241055330800000232318 Please, take a look! And if you liked it, why don't share with your friends?

I had a question to you. Do you read Ugnis or any of my comics? What's your favourite one? And your favourite character? Please let me know all you want to say about it. I like to know your opinion!

Are you working on the Weekly Shonen Magazine x MediBang manga contest? I just started with the story board. So nervous! ;;; Let's work hard!

The movie "One Piece: Gold" is opens in theaters here in Spain in November 4th! I'm really happy because I love One Piece and the spanish voice cast is just beautiful! I watch the trailer and OMG the animation looks so good, can't wait to go and watch it! What manga do you like?

Thank you again for the support and feel free to comment and tell me whatever you want.

Keep drawing and never give up!
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