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Alem (Ugnis mini comic)

Hiii! How are you people? ^3^)/
I did another mini comic (in Spanish again, sorry if you don't know the language;;; ) this is more sad, and the main character is Alem with 54 years old.
Remember to read Ugnis first, this mini comics are spoilers!
You can read the 36 chapters here:
My English is very bad, but I'm gonna try to translate it;;;; Sorry for the mistakes.
Amelia: Alem, you live in the palace, why do you want to go live in the forest? You are my messenger.
Alem: I can't, Queen Amelia. This whole place brings me back remembrances of Saori. I want to get away from those memories.
Amelia: If you want to forget her, isolating yourself is the worst option.
Alem: Maybe, deep down... I don't want to forget her.
I hope you like it!
See ya!
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