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Entrants that don't win may also receive feedback!

Get advice to take your work... to the next level! So you can win next time!

Runner ups will receive that type of advice.

Enter in 3 easy steps

  • 1Draw a manga

  • 2Add a tag!



  • 3Submit to MediBang


Users outside of Japan can use MediBang translation

  • 1Submit a manga....
  • 2MediBang will translate
  • 3Jump will judge it

※This applies only to English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and traditional) .

Submission Details

Entry Period
Thurs Dec 17th 2015 ~ Thurs Mar 17th 2016
Thurs Dec 17th 2015 ~ Mon Mar 21th 2016
Entry Format
One shot stories
Under 50 pages in length
Completed comics only (No scripts or rough drafts)
Pages can be ordered from left to right, right to left and vertically.
How to Enter
  1. Create a MediBang Account
  2. Click 'Submit'
  3. Click 'Submit' once again
  4. Under 'Comic' choose the type of file you'd like to submit, and upload it.
  5. Under the submission's Details under 'Submissions' select the 'Jump+MangaContest' tag and save it.
  6. Finally click 'Publish to MediBang'
About payment of cash prizes
Cash prizes will be transferred to entrants MediBang accounts
Cash prizes can be paid to the Paypal accounts or bank accounts (bank transfers will have surcharges) registered to entrants accounts.
Anyone can enter, whether they're a pro or amateur.
You can enter even if you don't live in Japan
Only comics that entrants have the rights to distribute for free may be entered.
Winner Announcement
Grand Prize: 1 million yen, publication in Jump + , and feedback from editors.
Second Place: 300,000 yen , publication in Jump + , and feedback from editors.
Third Place: 100,000 yen, and feedback from editors.
※The possibility of no winners being chosen exists.
※Entries that don't win may also recieve feedback from editors.
About entries in languages other than Japanese
Entries in English, Korean, Chinese (simplified and traditional) will be translated into Japanese and submitted to the editors.
By entering this contest entrants agree to the terms and conditions of this contest.
Before entering the contest we strongly recommend that you read all of the contest rules.