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I should buy a bunch of glasses

at first i thought they are rejecting me by accident! but now I'm sure they have a serious problem with me! Why there is no one to respond to this? That my work didn't even got the bronze on this contest?
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  • Mana
    now that I compare them carefully... I'm sure there must'v been a mistake! there is no way a work at this level don't even win the 3rd place!
    if not, so please somebody explain the factors and ways of judgment!
    I feel sorry for both them and you -_- don't give up!!!

    p.s: I kindly, honestly, and seriously ask for answers about this issue.
  • E.Elli
    What's the deal with this site?
    Even a child can understand the difference of levels in these works!
    Are you sure the judgement is holding by a professional judge؟
  • min_san

    What is the standard for works? Should I just find some friends so I can receive attention for my works? Manga and sketching contests shouldn't be like this! Can you even respond? Is there any of you who can give me a logical reason? Even if the reason is they choose anyone they like in here! I'm not an ordinary person. I don't spend time on something so i don't get nothing out of it.
    I hate useless works. Good or bad! Your standard are completely something else! Some one plz explain this to me
  • min_san
    You should inform me if I'm gonna be left unseen for my efforts in next contests. So I don't waste my time