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MediBang is not good.
I think there is no judgment in MediBang.
I'm not going to compete here anymore.
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  • Purple Demon
    Medobang is really weird and awkward tbh
  • MortalMangaka
    > min_san
    I don't know anything because it seems impossible to be in contact with an administrator or anyone that works for medibang. I just make assumptions from what I can see.
  • min_san
    > MortalMangaka
    so i think i know absolutely nothing about this website.
    i just participated out of the blue 😐
    i had like so many of these moments before and had been repied with really weird stuff 😐

    thanks for telling me the japanese part...and i'd be appreciated if you tell me more about it if there was any... -_-
  • MortalMangaka
    English version seems subpar, yeah. I wonder if Japanese side is much better?

    Good luck in your endeavors!!
  • 桜桃苺。