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Devil Monster

  • > Somachi MF96 (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

  • > Burb Thanks! (^ν^)

  • > Somachi MF96 Oooh! I do love powerful chimeras! You did a really good job in drawing this demon-person, well done!

  • > Burb Thanks ^ - ^ this is a mix of an human and a demon!


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MY FANART of Yandere Chan

  • > MilkiiMochii 😅 Thank you


  • > Windari I haven’t any problem in telling you i took that image as reference, i already said that. But i think that copiyng is another thing. In my honest opinion the concept of my illustration is totally different and so it can’t be considered as a copy of the drawing you have see on google.

  • Cause I did remember your picture and if you Google yandere Chan you get a very similar image


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Tokyo memories

  • > Starlotus Hi! personally I have never used private messages on this site, but if I understand correctly you should enter the account of the person you want to write to, then click on the 3 dots next to "follow" and there should be appear "send message". I hope that was helpful

  • Somachi, hello. Regarding glasses, it was just a personal opinion, it was drawn normally, because you did not draw me)), so it is normal. Can you tell me how personal messages work here? According to the meaning of the social network, they should work, with whom they made friends, but for some reason they start working only when they write to me, and not vice versa. Maybe this is another device, or some condition is not met?

  • > Somachi MF96 youre always welcome~ ^^

  • > HINATA Thanks!


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Sukuna Jujutsu Kaisen 呪術廻戦

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  • espero que seas el ganes el concurso de jujutsu kaisen

  • > foxyisuskitsune Thank you!

  • > Somachi MF96 Your welcome ! ^^


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Oni Demon mask

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Kawaii Santa Girl サンタ 女の子

  • > Somachi MF96 Your welcome !

  • > UNDERDOGS. Hahah thank you very much! 😁

  • How Pretty ! Also about the gift... I want 'That Girl' lol . I want to make her as my sister (T▽T) hahah