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Old requests/ missed comments?

Yesterday I went looking through some of my old posts to find things to redraw and I realized that there's a lot of comments that I missed or old requests I didn't have time to complete. I felt kind of bad about it so if you ever requested a drawing from me that I didn't finish or there was anything you wanted to ask me again feel free to do so right here. (I also want to apologize for my extremely cringey past self, It's painful looking through some of my old comments.)

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question/ vent (sorry in advance)

I'm having trouble figuring out the difference between acceptance and laziness, for example:
If I know that one day I'm going to die and everything I do after that point won't matter because I can't do anything, isn't this a good enough reason for me to not try to do anything? Like, if my impact on the people around me won't matter in the end because we'll all be dead at some point, why should I try to make an impact at all? Now this leads back to my first question, could this be considered acceptance or laziness, or something else entirely? Is this just a stupid excuse for not doing anything? I hope this isn't too much for the platform I just needed to say something about this somewhere and my normal acc locked an hour ago so I only have access to medi rn. Pretty sure you can delete topics so I'll probably just do that if someone tells me this isn't a good place for this.

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  • if anyone says this isnt the place just ignore it- people vent, its normal and im sorry but im not sure how to help,, just wanted to say that. dw about what other people think, you should be allowed to talk about things without judgement.

  • Kinda both? Life inevitably ends, but that isn’t an excuse to do nothing

Underrated artists! Please read!

Remember that these are in no particular order. I also tried not to put anyone with 100+ followers even though I would consider them underrated. These are some smaller artists that I think deserve some attention! Please go follow them!

1. Jaade -

2. mochii -

3. BeegCatt👉👈🥺🌈🌈 -

4. Ashley Kitsune -

5. ✧ Midnight ✧ -

6. Dr4g0nsail -

7. Onionroleplay :/ -

8. Night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - (99 followers so juuuust under the limit :>)

I know there are lots and lots of other underrated artists so, please recommend them to your friends! It's really helpful for the artist and such an easy act of kindness that could really boost a person's following and get them the attention they deserve. Thank you for reading, have a great day/night!

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  • It's so weird that I have over 600 followers- It's been over 3 years since I first came to Medibang And like - 5/6 of my followers are inactive now I wanna start over but idk

  • I just realized that I forgot bunee_boi, so sorry!

doin' some adopts :>

Okay so, I decided that I wanted to do some adopts because why not. I'm using this plain sketch as a base. You can request any extra features that you need, here's a small checklist but you don't have to follow it if you don't want to.
What type of tail you want
What type of ears you want
What type of leggies/ stance you want (four legs or a kangaroo kind of thing)
What type of accessories you want
Color palette (you can give me a picture to base it off of)
I'll be taking about 7 max of these for now. Thank you!

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