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wow what's this a narrative? insane

  • look who’s back at it again with the amazing art !! 5 stars on yelp, would recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Ooo this is looking like an epic story is picking up

  • > Snowflek009 sus- and ty im really happy you like it

  • when the bean is sus (nlg this looks super cool ksvwhsksjxcjzjwvzlsbdksjwv🥺❤)

Multiple illustrations uploaded3


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バンシー (banshee)

  • sick

  • > Tigermoth tysm! i spent longer than i should have on the gun (an m16, as per my friend's request), but it was some nice practice since im not used to drawing mechanichal shapes and objects and i did enjoy the process :)

  • Aw man this is so cool! Like said, the gun is drawn so well and the background gives off an otherworldly vibe. Love it!

  • > 💚beans💙 The gun is really well drawn too :D


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Meet the Artist! (ty for 50+!!!, desc)

  • terrified

  • > Mossy agreed, we as a species suck but my favorite animal is a domestic cat (im basic), and my least favorite is something like a walrus or elephant

  • What’s your favorite and least favorite animal? Not including humans bc as a species we kinda suck

  • > BushBabyOrigins yes ima womanatee /dances/


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she smile (desc if you want)

  • > 💚beans💙 Indeed we shall rule and eat like kings

  • > 💚beans💙 ty s t A n but honesty,, its really good though-

  • > kitty radar ace culture is worshipping cake and garlic bread so yes 100%

  • Cake and garlic bread rule world supremacy side by side


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e yes


  • PETTEYW4A 😌 talent

  • > ↡𝕃𝕦𝕞𝕓𝕣𝕁𝕒𝕔𝕜↡ oml that's such high praise tysmm but i think you broke yelp

  • 💕✨💖💕💕✨✨💖💖✨💕💕

Multiple illustrations uploaded3


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Kiwi (raffle adopt from BBO)

  • eats

  • its alright i just wanted to let ya know ilyt child <33

  • > BushBabyOrigins awawa to you too

  • > Night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ cutie


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i havent been dead youve been dead

  • > 💚beans💙 done !!! Hope you like it !!!

  • > ❄Ash❄ skink was literally my first attempt at a dog-esque oc and im really h appy w/ how they turned out, so ty ^^

  • Awww that first one us super cute I love hyenas

  • > 💚beans💙 Ok but imma go work on it now!!

Multiple illustrations uploaded2


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Lenore woop woop

  • Woah this is amazing \(>0<)/

  • you won the raffle f00l

  • woopwoop

  • > 💚beans💙 ur welcome :3


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read the desc if you want to see nonsense in words

  • > Zyvra Dragonfyre aww thank you!!

  • oooo :0

  • Your art style is super cute :)

  • > cy it's something my dad would always say to me it's a play on "danke schön", basically meaning "thank you very much" although i sometimes just say donkey


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idk what to call it?

  • > Izzy draws ocs! (Lunamoon danke :>

  • It’s awesome!

  • > JAYY This was the alternative for designing some aphrodite meme cover art still might make something like that, or boombayah or hip idk i can't animate but have plenty of ideas and ty msother :'))

  • THIS IS AWESOMEEEEE this looks like it should belong in an animation meme, i love it <3


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first batch of adopts finished! [closed](desc pls)

  • > 💚beans :))💙 Oh,Really ? Thanks !

  • > D🐉D sufficient time has passed and nobody else has tried for 2, so holly/holli is yours! enjoy :)

  • > 💚beans :))💙 Idk what lmk means but I finished the drawing :0

  • > ↡𝕃𝕦𝕞𝕓𝕣𝕁𝕒𝕔𝕜↡ sure! take as long as you need and lmk when you post :)


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baby for adoption [adopted, more on the way](desc)

  • Aww this is cute! It's a tiger

  • > Squidkid64 ok, i can't make another spice since she's izzy's now, but i'll get started on something with the same vibe and try to get it done as soon as possible. It'll be reserved for you, and to be fair to other people, I'll make a batch along with it.

  • > 💚beans :))💙 I just wanted her, but sure, I really loved everything about her, but Izzy took her

  • > JAYY p o g c h a m p


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Waterstriker (desc)

  • OOoOoh nice



  • > Orchid Cat ah, thank you!


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BEE-P uwu

  • bop

  • > BushBabyOrigins bo

  • b o

  • > Izzy draws ocs! (Lunamoon ah very spooky D:


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  • > AwesomeSause oh, yes, thanks and I am very train station

  • > AwesomeSause oh, ja, danke und ich bin sehr Bahnof

  • very cute art and wb :00

  • hhhh yall saying hi literally makes me so happy its actually been forever since I last talked to you guys :>>