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  • This is genius 😂😂

  • Ody you are a once in a generation artist someone I admire and hope to be like without you and Liam I would have not that much hope to keep on going so thank you both

  • Ody you're insane... insanely good that is


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  • > Kurisu okuro 栗栖奥 Big thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it.

  • Hello Mangaka Ody Writer Liam Gray I am kurisu okuro the creator of level shin karu and I have to say that our manga is very good I like all the ways that it is presais and more very good guys

  • Sua arte é incrivel, uma verdadeira obra prima, espero algum dia chegar ao seu nível

  • This is sooooo cool! That double page spread bang in the middle has got to be one of the best illustrations period! It's really amazing, memorable etc. Well done and thanks for creating this! =D


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  • > YUYA MIZUKI Glad you enjoyed it!

  • > Mk It 'change nothing' that your cover is monochrom or color I mean some drawer won contest with a monochrom cover other with color. We just ask to a cover to be "efficient" on understanding the work. The color make it more pleasant of course, and it's not nothing, but doing monochrom is not really a big problem, you won't be disadvantaged for that XD

  • The drawings skill is stunning and passionnate and the writing is neat and smooth, with good consistencies. Mangaka Ody, you didn't mistaken to work with a such writer. You do a good tandem with :) It remind that i need to work much on stories as it's my main weakness actually xD.

  • One question: is it ok to have a colourful cover in this contest ??? My Manga (the X-Breaker) has a colourful cover , and many creators made their cover (monochrome) ?? It makes me a bit worried 😅


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Alien cave

  • Amazing, good job🖒

  • > ❀12FloralBandits❀ With the power of having nothing else to do 😂

  • > Xo_galaxy_oX Hello, it took a while 😂😭

  • Holy sheet how


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Journey to Antarctica

  • > Ηαlf-βακεd_Αrτ Thank you :D

  • This is the greatest thing I've ever seen

  • > Subu Thanks :D

  • Ahhhh! I love the mood and scale in this piece!


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After Darkness

  • it´s an great story.

  • wow it's very great

  • Wow this has anime potential, it's amazing. I loved it, the story, the emotion, and just genuine terror.. good work man :)

  • > Odysseas Theodoratos Very nice color study




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  • loved it❤

  • > tenco_teh OK thank you, I will!

  • Hi Odysseas, I would like to invite you to join this comic contest > "Cyber Sousa Awards", Event of Xiamen International Animation Festival. This year the open for oversea participate to sign up! more detail you may check on here

  • > Naufal Mashiro Thank you!! 😃 ☺️ 😸😸


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  • se nota que esta inspirada la portada en tokyo goul jaja

  • > tvlassi This manga is the worst I've ever made 😂

  • wow wth you're amazing!!!!

  • > Diego Arredondo Hahaha


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Subject Zero

  • > Cl.Sim Thanksssss :D

  • So amazing really you did such a great job! I have no words. Hope you become who you really want one day.

  • What a twist

  • > Masterpiece Hunter Thank youuuuuuuu 😁😁😁