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Caged Bird

  • Great work!! Keep it up! Please check out my art and leave a Heart or a Comment! :D


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Moth Maiden

  • Great Work! Keep it up! Please check out my art and leave a Heart or a Comment! :D

  • cute <3


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Song of Naria

  • > a.laudy Thank you. Glad to hear you love it

  • Amazing art and story. The art style is very soft, it makes my heart fluffy. Although the story is very sad, I think you did a great job telling it through your art.

  • > Liam Gray Thank you for reading it. I'm glad to hear that you like my drawings and anticipate my next story. It's true that this story might have no meaning - it's you the readers who decide meaning of the story, not the author after all. The meaning is to find beauty in everything even if it's meaningless. That's what I believe. Hope that my next story will be more satisfied and still enthrall you. Thank you again. P/S: I'd call my ending is absurd than cynical. I'm very close to an absurdist.

  • This is an absolutely beautiful book with a terrible message and a unsatisfying message. I felt enthralled through the entire book but to say the ending is cynical is an understatement. I encourage the artist to continue as a mangaka but in the future, please consider your audience. No one wants to read about something with no meaning. Especially not something so needlessly empty and sad./ I can't even say it was a beautiful sadness, which, when done correctly, can be truly captivating. I can tell you worked tremendously hard, the cover is a masterpiece and much of the art is stellar. I will be eagerly anticipating your next manga.