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Jump’s Universal Manga Contest - MediBang!

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Recruiting top talent from all over the world to guide JUMP into the future!

Available in 8 different languages.
Entries created on smartphones and tablets are welcome too!

Japanese entries should be submitted via Shonen Jump Rookie.

Head Judge

The creator of Naruto,
Masashi Kishimoto!

A message from Masashi Kishimoto to all aspiring manga creators!

It's a no-brainer that manga is being read around the world,
so come to think of it, this contest is actually a great idea.

There are many different types of people and ways of thinking in the world.

That’s why I expect to see manga that really go outside the box and I think that’s what makes this contest worthwhile.

Even if you don't really know how to draw manga,
then the only advice I can give you is: don't learn how to do it but rather get used to doing it.
I'm not sure if it'll be of any help, but for the time being, "Get used to it!"

Lastly, manga has to be interesting so don't give me any strange works of art! I'm looking forward to seeing the most interesting ones out there.

Enter in 3 easy step

  • 1Draw a manga

  • 2Check the box next to the banner


  • 3Submit to ART street


Users outside of Japan can use MediBang translation

  • 1Submit manga

  • 2MediBang translates

  • 3Judging commences

*Limited to English, Spanish, English, Korean, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).

Submission Details

Entry Period
Jun. 22nd 2017 - 23:59 p.m. to Jan. 5th 2018 (JST)
・Grand Prize: ¥1,000,000 and Serialization in Shonen Jump (Print or Digital)
・Runner-up: ¥300,000 and Serialization in Jump Plus or in a special edition of Jump
・Finalist: ¥50,000
Submission Details
・Any genre allowed
・One-shot no longer than 55 pages
・Must not have been published in any commercial magazine or on any commercial website
・Must be black and white
・Text must be horizontal
・Panels should be read from right to left
Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Russian, French, and Spanish
Japanese entries should be submitted via Shonen Jump Rookie.
Scheduled for Spring 2018
How to Enter
Register as a user on MediBang.
Click Submit at the top of MediBang's site.
Click Submit again on the MediBang Creators page.
Go to the Comic's tab, select a file type and then click Upload.
In the Artwork tab, give your entry a title and the tag "JumpUniversalManga" and then click Complete.
Click Publish.
Your entry will be translated into Japanese for the judging process.
Please Note
・Each entrant can submit up to a maximum of 5 entries.

・Submissions already sent to Jump Rookie or other services can be entered. (However, this excludes any work that has been published in a commercial magazine or a commercial website, as well as any that have already won a contest).
・Unlike the Rookie Award, entries will not be ranked and all submissions will be judged.

・If you want to delete your entry, you will need to delete the submitted work itself.
・Entries deemed to be in their draft stages will not be judged.
・Entries submitted within the deadline that are deleted or edited afterwards will not be judged.
・Users that violate the Shonen Jump Rookie Terms of Use and Guidelines (Japanese entries only), or users that have their accounts terminated because of such actions, will not have their entries judged.
・Winners that have their entries published in the Shonen Jump magazine or special editions must provide data with a resolution of 600 dpi or higher.
How to Claim Prize
The prize money will be sent to the entrant's MediBang account using their PayPal, or wired to their bank account (the winner will accept the responsibility of any associated wiring fees).
By entering in this contest, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions detailed in the Contest Rules, so please read them thoroughly before you enter.

Please register and enter the contest!