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A fantastic world painted with thick coating paint, colored by warm light! Interview with Lenu!


What is important in thick coating is "lightness and darkness" and "contrast.

ーYou draw various kinds of illustrations, from those with the characters in the center to those with a backdrop, but how do you come up with compositions that make people want to look at them?

Lenu:Actually, I'm not the best at thinking about composition.
In my case, I decide "what I want to convey" and then think about "how to convey it effectively" and draw out various compositions.
In many cases, I try to convey "thoughts", "feelings", or "messages" from the characters in my paintings, and in other cases, I try to convey the "world view" or "story" in my paintings that focus on the scenery.
In other words, I am trying to convey a "world view" or a "story. Sometimes I believe in one composition that I intuitively think is the right one, and other times I draw up all the compositions that come to mind and then choose the most appropriate one. If I give a reason for each element in the picture, I think I will be able to draw a compelling composition. I also pay a lot of attention to eye guidance.

ーYou have a very beautiful way of drawing warm light and illuminated brightness! How do you draw the beauty of such light? I'd like to hear if you have any specialties!

Lenu:Thank you! I think it's important not to use bright colors from the start, and to have a solid image of the light source and light at the time of the color rough...!
Since most of my work is done at night, I try to create images that gradually emerge from the darkness. I want to create a natural look, so I try not to use too many additions, luminescence, or overlays.
Also, as much as I want to show warmth and light beautifully, I also give equal importance to coldness and shadows.
I like dim lights like fireplaces and candles, and gentle light like sunlight filtering through the trees, so I try to create a natural and dramatic space. I hope I can draw pictures that will light up someone's heart gently...!





ーSo, you are particular about natural expression! You say that you try not to use too much additions, flashes, overlays, etc., but are there any functions that you often use in digital drawing?

Lenu:I use "gradient map" and "color balance" a lot. Gradient maps are used to unify the overall color in the initial color rough, and color balance is used to adjust the color in the final image.
Depending on the picture, I sometimes use overlays and additions with gusto, but if I use too much, the original touches may be lost, so I try to limit them to a little at the end.

ーWhen it comes to your illustrations, I think you can't go wrong with beautiful landscapes such as starry skies and trees! Is there anything in particular that you are conscious of when drawing the beauty of landscapes?"

Lenu:I try to paint landscapes that make me think "I want to go there!" I often refer to photographs when I paint landscapes, but I don't think too much about the realism of it, I just follow my heart. From a technical point of view, I am conscious of how I can make the scenery look beautiful through the use of color and light.
I think it's a good idea to look at various photos and make discoveries like, "The forest looks fantastic when I show it this way," or "The Milky Way is beautiful when I show it this way. Then you can pursue your own way of making it more attractive.

ーWhen I draw by myself, I find it difficult to paint thickly... I think it makes the picture blurry. I'd like to hear your tips on how to paint in a nice way that expresses the thickness of the color while drawing it in well!

Lenu:When it comes to thick coating, people tend to focus on the paint and color, but I think it's important to be aware of "lightness and darkness" and "contrast" at the beginning. This is common to all types of painting, but since there are no lines in thick paint, I think it is important to control these two aspects and make the picture more vivid...! That's why I start out with a black-and-white composition.
So I start out with a black-and-white composition, and color and drawing are secondary to that. In the painting process, I start by roughly painting the silhouette, and then enjoy mixing colors by layering many colors, and drawing in the details while being conscious of the light source. The trick is to not paint too much in the shadows, but to paint in the areas that are well lit.
As you say, thick paint tends to blur, so emphasizing the outline or applying "sharpening" at the end will give you a clear finish.

ーI'm learning a lot...! Thick coating is a painting method that glance seems a bit difficult, but I'd like to know what you think about the appeal of thick coaing Lenu!

Lenu:There are many, but personally, I think it's the mixed colors, the sense of gravity, and the touches full of texture that are unique to thick painting that appeal to me...! Color mixing is my favorite part of thick painting, and I am always fascinated by the beauty of the overlapping and shifting colors that can only be created in that painting. I'm always fascinated by the beauty of the layers and shifts in color that can only be created in that particular painting. Even within the same thick-painting category, depending on the artist, it can be watercolor-like or very realistic, and the colors can range from vivid to low-saturated.

ーI think one of the appeals of your illustrations is wonderful design! Is there anything that you refer to or are conscious of when thinking about your designs?

Lenu:Thank you! I'm particularly conscious of silhouettes, color schemes and motifs in my designs. I use fantasy, ethnic, and celestial costumes and accessories as references. I try to create designs that reflect the character's personality and worldview, while aiming for a design that looks good.

ーWhich process do you like to work on the most when you paint?

Lenu:It's coloring! All I do is color, lol.
When I can create the light and color blends I like, or add highlights to express texture, that's when I think, "My painting is starting to shine! That's when I feel happy.
I enjoy painting backgrounds and small objects more than people. I can get lost in it for hours without even thinking about it.

ーI think that thick coating is a very time-consuming way of painting if you are particular about it.How much time do you spend on each illustration?"

Lenu:My hobby painting takes me 5~7 hours at the shortest, and 14 hours at the longest. I often finish a painting in a day, but then I leave it overnight to finish it after a lot of revisions and adjustments.
This is still quite relaxed compared to my work, but when it comes to my work, I often let it sit for days while I paint, and it takes me a lot of time to complete it.

ーI know you think about a lot of things when you paint. Is there any part that you think, "I'm going to put the most energy into this!" ?

Lenu:I put the most effort and enjoyment into expressing the shadows that fall on clothes and skin. Everyone focuses on the light, so if I say it's inconspicuous, it's inconspicuous... lol
Expressing light is expressing shadows, so I feel that my awareness of this is working.
I often use gold in my paintings, and if there is a halo or gold decoration somewhere on the costume, I tend to obsess over the expression of gold. I think I like shiny things like starry skies. When I draw tears, I am also very enthusiastic about it.

ーPlease tell us how you practice and what you do to improve your drawing!

Lenu:I think it's all about looking at the material, observing it, thinking about it, and drawing it. I don't think you can get better at drawing without thinking, even if you draw every day. After that, I look back at the finished picture and find issues to work on. I always try to discover new techniques and ways of expression by referring to my favorite painters. And above all, I think it's about being honest about what you like!

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