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Tow Tateoka creates cute and detailed artwork with a mix of realism. We interviewed the artist!


Tow Tateoka's designs are very detailed, and is a mix of manga style and realism. The artist is also the designer of ART street mascot character, Meimichan! We asked the artist about their secrets of creating such lovely artwork!

This is how Tow Tateoka started creating artwork.

ーWhen did you start drawing?

Tow Tateoka: When I was a kid, I drew my favorite mangas all the time.
I started creating illustrations as an adult though.

ーHave you ever taken art courses?

Tow Tateoka:I took art classes during 1st and 2nd grade.
I remember I got excited when I saw the tools.

ーDo you have other hobbies besides drawing?

Tow Tateoka:Before I started drawing, I used to create music as a hobby.
I also have a weird hobby, which I am not sure if it's even a hobby.
When I see a shrine, I get curious and research about the origin on the information sign, or with my phone.
I am not religious or want to learn about architecture. I'm a bit curious about the local history.

ーPlease tell us about your work environment.

Tow Tateoka:I use a PC with a pen tablet (Intuos4 L).
The past year, I have been using MediBang Paint.

ーThank you for using MediBang Paint! Please tell us what you like about the program, or the parts you wish would improve if any.

Tow Tateoka:There are so many functions, I can't believe it's a free program. I don't have to use multiple programs anymore.
I am comfortable using it at this point.

ーPlease tell us how you practice, or what you do to improve!

Tow Tateoka:I don't do any practices or exercises.
What I do to improve is, I let my curiosity and inspiration lead me.
If it is something I want to create, I will learn about it.

ーIs there artists that influenced you?

Tow Tateoka:I am influenced by many artists, but the biggest influence is from the manga artist Hirohiko Araki.

ーReally? How did he influence you?

Tow Tateoka:When I was a kid, i drew JoJo the most, so I think it's my foundation.
If it wasn't for that experience, I might not have been drawing at all.

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