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cluseller's artwork sparkles like a jewel. We had a chance to interview the artist!


The complex color combination, the dazzling light... the artwork grabs your heart. We interviewed cluseller who creates artwork that looks like a jewel. Let's find out the secret to such beautiful artwork!

cluseller started drawing to create a story!

ーWhen did you start drawing?

cluseller: I started drawing during high school because I wanted to create a manga.
I actually wanted to create a story, and I learned how to draw to help with that.
I didn't really like art classes back then.

ーSo you started drawing to create a manga. How did you end up becoming an illustrator?

cluseller:I started doing manga assistant jobs during college, and continued after graduation. I tend to be a perfectionist and I don't want to show people my work unless I am satisfied with the quality. So I didn't show my work to publishers or post on the internet, and kept drawing backgrounds for 4 years.
One of the places I worked as an assistant asked me to create a colored illustration. So I started creating colored backgrounds, even adding lights and effects for the characters. I realized I was doing all the work besides the character.
So I thought, why don't I just draw using my name? I started posting my artwork on the internet, and thankfully I got job offers, and here I am.
When things are more stable, I would like to create a manga. Although my artist name is likely to change...

ーDid you take any art courses?

cluseller:When I started drawing during high school, I tried a remote course for colored pencils. I quit right after reading the textbook though.
So I didn't really have any training through class.

ーDo you have hobbies besides drawing?

cluseller:I haven't done it in a while, but I used to create ball jointed dolls with clay. Or when I used to use notebooks for drawing, I stitched the cover.
I also like playing crafting games and battle simulator games.

ーPlease tell us your work environment

cluseller:I use a Windows desktop PC with a display pen tablet. I recently purchased Cintiq Pro and it's easier to use.
I also have a iPad pro, but I can't find a good device for the left hand, so I am not so good at using it.
For either device, I use Clip Studio, and Photoshop to check the PSD file before I sending it to the client.

ーIs there something you always have with you while drawing, such as music or your favorite drink?

cluseller:I am a caffeine addict, so I always have coffee. I got sick of refilling it repeatedly, so I just take a bottle of Blendy and add milk.
I rarely have energy drinks.
I listen to different things depending on the drawing. I might listen to music, or have anime running in the background, or listen to videos.


魔女宅 アナログ線画



ーIs there an artist that inspires you?

cluseller:I like to learn from many different artists, so I don't have one particular artist that inspires me.
Although with black and white lineart, I look up to the background art that Kiyohiko Azuma creates. I try to imitate his artwork but it's very difficult...

ーKiyohiko Azuma's background is amazing, right?! What do you like most about his work?

cluseller:I'm amazed at how he can express all those emotions with a freehand line. Also I look at how he controls the thickness of the lines, or the amount of lines he uses.
I even went to see his gallery!

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