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We interviewed the famous artist, En Morikura. She creates a colorful and delicate atmosphere!【PR】


Artist En Morikura is known worldwide, and we had the chance to do a special interview!
We took this chance to get to know how she creates her amazing artwork!

森倉円 En Morikura

En Morikura

Illustrator. Her characters has soft hair that makes you want to touch it, and eyes that gets your attention. She captures the cuteness of girls in their every day life with soft colors.

Known for: Character design of Virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI, Anime "Neko ga Kureta Marui Shiawase", special New Years postcard for Japan Post, etc.

About her artwork

- How do you decide the composition of your illustration?

En Morikura: I decide the theme, and sketch all the different composition I can come up with. Then I compare them, and choose the one that seems the most effective.

- Where do you get inspiration for the outfits?

En Morikura: Often from people in the streets, magazines, photos, and videos. But I also get inspiration from things around me if it speaks to me ,such as animals, plants, foods, packages, etc.

- Do you have tips on how to draw long hair that is not boring, but looks clean?
When I try to add movement to the hair like you do, it becomes messy...

En Morikura: I think when drawing the lineart, if you think about the hair strands, movement, and contrast in the lines, the hair becomes soft and easy to add movements.
While painting, the highlights, shadows, and colors can totally change how the hair feels, so you have to experiment and find the style that works for you.

A girl with hair that moves with the wind and the sakura petals. ▲ A girl with hair that moves with the wind and the sakura petals.
- Is there something you do to improve?

En Morikura: When I see something that has room for improvement, I think of that as an assignment. I study artwork that I can look up to, and I try to do it my self. I keep repeating that.

- Do you have frustrating moments where it's difficult to draw what you have in your mind? If so, what do you about it? (I choose to sleep...)

En Morikura: I feel that way all the time, but if I start being depressed about it, it can take a while to recover. So I think about why it doesn't look like the way I want, but not overthink, and just move my hands. If I am hungry or sleepy, I might overthink as well, so it's important for me to eat and sleep well.


- What are some of the things you do with the creator's support of FUN'S PROJECT?

En Morikura: I create prints that are the highest quality that I have ever created, and try to build new types of merchandise.

- What is your favorite among the items you are currently selling?

En Morikura: The thing that amazed me the most is the color quality of the copy print. Also I never seen such skills with embroidery.

▲The prints that are available for purchase. ▲ The prints that are available for purchase.
▲A close up to the embroidery. ▲ A close up to the embroidery.
- What is the difference between the merchandise you had in the past, and what makes the recent ones great?

En Morikura: I used to schedule the print, and find ways to sell on my own. I did the best I could, but with my limited budget and knowledge, it was very difficult. With FUN'S PROJECT, I can talk to someone who specializes in printing, and it was easy to try out different colors and different items. I can see my illustration used with many types of products, and look for new possibilities.

- What do you expect with the future of FUN'S PROJECT's creator support?

En Morikura: I hope that with the support of FUN'S PROJECT, we could keep finding merchandises that people love and enjoy my illustration.

- Lastly, is there something you would like to say to your fans in Japan and overseas?

En Morikura: Thank you so much for your continued support!
I will keep trying to create artwork that touches your heart, and I hope you keep enjoying them.

▲ Looking forward to new products from En Morikura!


En Morikura's illustration is turned into a beautiful merchandise using the advanced printing technique, "Primo art".

[ Reproduction ]

An A3 illustration in a classy frame made of natural wood, with a gold border.

[ Acrylic art ]

Acrylic art
A full color illustration is printed on a clear acrylic board.
Light will transmit with acrylic boards, so you can enjoy placing it on various places with different lights which would change the mood of the artwork.

[ Postcard ]

A 12 postcard set that uses En Morikura's illustrations. You can enjoy charming expressions of the cute girls created by En Morikura in different seasons and scenes through the postcard set.

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