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cluseller's artwork sparkles like a jewel. We had a chance to interview the artist!


The complex color combination, the dazzling light... the artwork grabs your heart. We interviewed cluseller who creates artwork that looks like a jewel. Let's find out the secret to such beautiful artwork!

The beautiful light is created using layers.

ーYou use unique lighting in your artwork. Do you have any tips with lighting?

cluseller:I want to add highlights later so I am careful not to use pure white (RGB all 255) when I start painting.
One tip I can give you is, for the stronger highlights, use the add (glow) layer, and for a bigger softer light, use the screen layer.

ーSo knowing the layer blending is important. Do you have other layer blending that you use a lot?

cluseller:I don't think we should rely too much on the functions such as layer blending, so please think of this as a joke...

The multiply layer is great for adding shadows to an area with a lot of colors. Like adding tights on top of a skin layer using the clipping mask. Then on top of that, use another clipping layer with the blending set to multiply to add the shadows. It's easy to do.
Overlay is also very convenient, and I overuse it. For the trendy low hue look, I avoid it though.
In areas where I want to keep the hue, like when I use a texture, but want to make it look lighter, I use an airbrush with an orange color on the skin.
I also use a soft light layer with a gradation for a flare look. It looks softer then using a screen layer.
Using linear burn gives a stronger shadow than a multiply, so I don't use it as much unless I think the shadow is too soft.

Those are the layer blend that I tend to use. Sometimes I play with other layer blends, but it's not like I know how all the layer blends work.
When I don't know what to use, I try everything and I discover something interesting.

ーYour artwork has amazing colors. What part of the colors do you give the most attention?

cluseller:Thank you. I don't think so much about the colors, but since a young age, I tend to use a strong hue... so I try not to overdo that.
I like placing complementary colors next to each other, so I need to be careful or the hue becomes too strong.

ーWhat do you tend to work on the most when drawing a character?

cluseller:The eyes. I especially take time on the pupil. Although I export it in a smaller resolution, losing most of the details...

ーHow did you learn to draw such beautiful eyes? Is there something you look at for reference?

cluseller:I study the eyes that other artists draw, or study how to draw minerals and flowers.
I use an exaggerated, manga style with the eyes, so it is influenced by the mangas that I have seen in the past. Maybe I just added colors to that.

ーYou also draw minerals. Do you have any tips on drawing them?

cluseller:I try to imagine how it feels in my hand. It might look smooth and shiny from far away, but maybe there are small scratches, that if I scratch it with my nails, there will be resistance.





ーI see, you even think about how it feels. Do you just like minerals? Do you own any? (If so it would be great if you could send us some photos!)

cluseller:I don't own any minerals because many of them require attention. They might be fragile, or have to be careful with how you store them.
I can be pretty lazy with those details, enough to think I shouldn't ever own pets. So for now, I don't' have any minerals.

I have always liked them since I was a kid. It probably started when my grandma gave me books about minerals, and I carried it around.
That was when I was in elementary school, but I still remember the amethyst, pyrite, ammonite fossil, and topaz.

(Honestly if I had the space, I do want a mineral that is easier to handle such as fluorite... the cost of minerals has a wide range, and it's like an antique item, which is interesting to me. It depends on the product, but fluorite can be cheaper than a drawing, so I sometimes think what's the point of drawing it.)

ーHow did you get into drawing minerals?

cluseller:I tried to find something that differentiates me from other artists.
I thought about the things I like... and it was minerals.

ーWhich part of the drawing process do you enjoy the most?

cluseller:When I am planning the composition, such as colors, or where to place the motief. I just rely on how I feel.
For artwork where the lineart is important, I enjoy creating lines with variation, but this takes time and makes me tired as well.

ーHow do you choose the composition or the pose?

cluseller:It depends on the artwork, but I try to guide the eye, like a manga panel.

ーWhen drawing, is there a process that you feel is easy or difficult?
What do you do when you are not getting the results you want?

cluseller:When I am trying to clean up the sketch, it makes me wish someone else could do it for me.
It's difficult for me to see the whole picture and balance out the composition.

When I am frustrated, I go to sleep.

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