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cluseller's artwork sparkles like a jewel. We had a chance to interview the artist!


The complex color combination, the dazzling light... the artwork grabs your heart. We interviewed cluseller who creates artwork that looks like a jewel. Let's find out the secret to such beautiful artwork!

Drawing as a job

ーHow much time do you spend on one artwork?

cluseller:It depends, but for minerals 2 to 5 hours (I upload the speedpaint on YouTube).
With the ones with a character and a light background, maybe 5 to 8 hours. If the background is detailed, maybe 20 hours.
Those are the times for personal work. If this is for work, it likely takes twice that time.

ーHow do you motivate yourself to draw?

cluseller:I will starve if I don't keep drawing (for running out of money).

ーIs there something you do to practice, or improve your drawing skills?

cluseller:I don't have much time to practice these days, but I study references when drawing for work so that probably helps me improve... I think...
I also try to see a lot of great artwork, so I go to the art category of reddit, and look at artwork that isn't anime style.
If I see a good artwork on social media, I study and break it down.

ーWhat made you start posting on ART street?

cluseller:I wanted to enter the Demon Slayer contest...

ーPlease tell us what you like about ART street, or things you wish would improve.

cluseller:By having our names in the daily rankings and level up sections, even the new artists can get the spotlight, which I find interesting.
In other websites, no one looks at your work at the beginning.

But also, it seems posting frequently also gets you high in the rankings, and I see a lot of sloppy artwork.

ーIs there something you want to challenge yourself to create in the future?

cluseller:I want to find my own style.
Maybe I can find a new way to express things, using a combination of lineart and colors.

ーPlease say something to your fans!

cluseller:Thank you for your support.
Even if I do something lame on social media, you guys are kind to me.
Please separate the artist from the art, and enjoy my artwork.

I will keep trying to improve, so please stay with me!

ーThank you cluseller for answering our questions!

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