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We interviewed Aiuabo who creates charming girls and colorful scenery!


Colorful scenery where you could feel the seasons, with a cute and charming girl in the center! We interviewed the artist Aiuabo who creates such lovely artwork, and asked about their secrets and tips!

Let's find out the secret to Aiuabo's lovely scenery!

- You draw very charming girls. What got you started on that?

Aiuabo: I guess the anime I saw during high school.
It's called "D.C Da Capo". I discovered the artist "Naru Nanao", and copied her art back then.
That's how I started drawing girls.

- Is there something that you pay the most attention to when drawing girls?

Aiuabo: I would say... the head.
The size, shape, position of the eye... everything about the head.

- I see. When I see your artwork, I always think about how cute the faces are. So it is where you focus the most!

Aiuabo: Yes. I think I focus on the shape of the face the most.

- I think you draw really cute eyes. Is there something that inspires you to draw them the way you do?

Aiuabo:Um, in the past I studied a lot of artist sune's artwork. Recently, I think about DSmile's artwork more.
...But I might have shifted recently I take inspiration from many different artists.

- You draw a lot of details, like the backgrounds and props. How do you come up with things to draw?

Aiuabo:Since I love expressing the season, I try to draw things that represents them. I do an image search for ideas.
Other times I just think "I want to draw XX". Or "I want this flower to have an important role in the artwork".

- You draw a lot of girls with white hair. Are they the same character?

Aiuabo:Yes. It's easier to come up with a scene when the character is already decided.
For the decors in the background, I can just draw things she would surround herself with.
For example, if I wanted to draw a garden, I would think something like "She probably walked through this path" and draw that.

- So the focus of your artwork is the girls.

Aiuabo:Yes. The girls are the main character of my artwork. The props like cakes or frogs would be the supporting character. I want the main character and the supporting character to be noticeable.
I do worry that if I don't change around the supporting character, the viewers wouldn't know if the artwork is new or old.
So I try to draw things I have never drawn before.

- You draw so many different things. Is there something that is difficult for you to draw?

Aiuabo:I realized I have a hard time drawing dogs...

- Wow, I didn't expect that!

Aiuabo:The face is difficult... and the fluffy fur. It's easy to over do the fur, and make the dog look like it's out of place in the artwork...
Maybe it's because I don't like dogs that much lol.

- That explains why you struggle with dogs! Do you have a favorite animal?

Aiuabo:Maybe frogs, although I wouldn't touch them.

- Your artwork is very colorful. What do you think about when you are selecting the colors?

Aiuabo:I tend to choose 1 or 2 colors to be the main theme.
The artwork I posted yesterday, I had the desire to express the rain season with pink as the main color, so that's what I did.

Your artwork uses a lot of colors, but doesn't feel like any of the colors are out of place.

Aiuabo:After I draw everything, I add a layer with a light color on multiply, with about 45% opacity. Then I adjust the colors, so maybe that's why the colors seem to blend well.

- Wow, that's a higher opacity than I expected!

Aiuabo:I adjust the hue, saturation, and curves after I add that layer.

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