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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

We interviewed Aiuabo who creates charming girls and colorful scenery!


Colorful scenery where you could feel the seasons, with a cute and charming girl in the center! We interviewed the artist Aiuabo who creates such lovely artwork, and asked about their secrets and tips!

The importance of posting consistantly

- How much time do you take to finish an artwork?

Aiuabo:Sometimes I only need a day, but depending on the artwork, I might need 3 or 4 days.

- How many hours do you draw a day?

Aiuabo:When I am not outside or in the garden, I'm probably sitting with a pen in my hand.
But I am not always focused... I think the hours that I am drawing with full concentration is about 5 to 6 hours.

- What is the most time you have spent on a single artwork?

Aiuabo:When I started drawing, there were times when I spent a full week on one artwork.
I always wanted to draw something I haven't done before, and because of that I had to look at references and spend a lot of time.

- So back then, you posted once a week? How did you motivate yourself to draw?

Aiuabo:Drawing is just fun for me.
Although there were times when I felt like, "I completed the artwork, but it doesn't look good" even though I spent a full week on it. I hesitated to post those.

- What do you do in that situation? Just gather the courage to post?

Aiuabo:Yes, because I had made a decision to post in a week, and I did have a completed drawing... lol

- You know, when I look at your gallery, I can't tell which one those are lol.

Aiuabo:Even though I am not happy with the results, the viewers might think otherwise. That's another reason why I always post those.

- Please tell us how you found ART street.

Aiuabo:There was a time when I was trying out MediBang Paint. During that time, I was posting on MediBang before ART street existed.
Later I received an email notice about ART street. I thought it sounded interesting and I decided to try it.
I started posting 3 years worth of artwork that I have been drawing for fun.

- Is there a kind of illustration that you want to draw in the future?

Aiuabo:I do a bit of character design jobs now, so I want to draw more of those.
I also want to keep practicing things I have never drawn before.。

- Finally, please say something for your fans!

Aiuabo:Thank you for your support!
I will keep trying my best, so please stay with me!





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