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We interviewed Aiuabo who creates charming girls and colorful scenery!


Colorful scenery where you could feel the seasons, with a cute and charming girl in the center! We interviewed the artist Aiuabo who creates such lovely artwork, and asked about their secrets and tips!

How did Aiuabo get into art?

- When did you start drawing?

Aiuabo: I've been doodling since I was in pre-school, but when I got serious and started creating completed artworks was about 4 years ago.
However I also drew for homework when I was in vocational school. After graduating, I had a job of drawing backgrounds for several years.

- So that means you have studied art in school?

Aiuabo: Yes.

- Do you have hobbies besides drawing?

Aiuabo:I have a yard, so I spend a lot of time gardening.

- Gardening, I see! You have lots of plants in your artwork, is that why?

Aiuabo:Yes, sometimes I use the flowers in my garden as reference.

- What is your work environment?

Aiuabo:Um.. I use CLIP STUDIO.
I also bought an expensive Cintiq Pro... the pen is costly too.

- I see, you use nice tools!

Aiuabo:The Cintiq was over 200,000 yen, and the pen is also 8000 yen.. but it breaks once a year.

- Is there an artist that inspires you? Who?

Aiuabo:For single illustrations, Fuzichoco. There is also Takamichi who does the covers for LO books.

- Do you study their artwork?

Aiuabo:Yes. Sometimes... I just want to copy their whole artwork.

- The whole artwork? LOL

- What is the origin of your pen name Aiuabo?

Aiuabo:My pen name is written "愛生安保 (Aiuabo)". The "愛生(Aiu)" part is the name of a character I used to draw.
Also many exhibitions are in Japanese alphabetical order, so this name would put me at the front lol.

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