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It's as if we would get sucked into a different universe...interviewing Karasuba Rindo-san who makes beautiful mystical scenery!


Karasuba Rindo-san makes many bewitching Japanese fantasy illustrations! How the artist paints the shadows, places colors, and the composition is very unique, and we have no idea how they do it! So we are going to ask the artist all about it!

What is the secret of her drawing?

- Please tell us which process of drawing do you like the most, and why!

Karasuba Rindo: My favorite is coloring! Adding details after I decide the colors!
It feels as though the more I paint, the more it becomes closer to what I think is "beautiful". It's difficult to stop once I start painting lol.

- The way you use shadows is very unique. Is there a point when you started focusing on the shadows?

Karasuba Rindo: I am very happy that you noticed the shadows.. thank you.
I have always loved expressing lights. After I discovered digital painting, I found out I could add sparkle effects using layers. I think that's when it started.

- So the shadows and the colors where you limit yourself to a certain palette is what makes the interesting color scheme!
 Did anything inspire you to choose colors the way you do?
 Or is it something you developed over time?

Karasuba Rindo:I make the shadows vibrant because I like lights, so that developed over time.
But there has been some influences.
You know those MikuMikuDance videos? Many of them have eyes that shine, and I wanted to capture that with my illustration.
I think that was a big influence.

I started limiting the colors I use, because I just can't use many different colors at the same time! Or my skills weren't good enough to pull that off. I wanted to draw better, and gradually I came to the conclusion to do that.
I also just like illustrations that has a sense of uniformity lol

- You mentioned before that when you start coloring, you can't stop.
How many hours do you spend drawing in a day?

Karasuba Rindo:I forget time when I am painting.
But I don't think I draw for a very long time. Probably 8 to 10 hours max.
I want to spend more time, but I like reading too.
I also spend so much time looking at pixiv.

- You draw many illustrations with a complex composition that seem like it would require lots of skills. How do you come up with the composition?

Karasuba Rindo:Hmm.. I start with deciding how to place the character.
My process would be like... I come up with the theme that I want to draw, and after I decide the overall mood, I choose the character which would be the main subject along with other props.
For example, I could decide the main subject is a character with a kimono from the Heian period. Let's say I chose that because I thought the cloth that drapes on the back is beautiful.

I make a decision to make the cloth flow in a vertical direction, or a horizontal direction. That would lead me to choose the canvas aspect ratio, to make it wide or tall.

After the canvas is finalized, I decide where to place the character. At the same time I decide the areas that will be almost empty.
For example, if I place the character on the bottom right, the empty area would be on the top left.
Then I start placing objects, but I try not to put any in the empty area. I tell myself, I will never put anything in that space! lol.
That creates a good balance.
After I place everything, my composition is decided.
The pose and how I place things is based on the illustrations, photos, and videos I have seen throughout my life, so it's almost done subconsciously.
It's like I have a list of things I want to draw, and I choose from there.
So I can't really explain that. But basically that's how I make the decisions!

These days, most of it is done subconsciously.
It's like I draw the scenery that came up in my mind.

- What do you focus on when you decide the colors?

Karasuba Rindo:I try not to use too many colors.

If I use too much colors, it looses the feeling of uniformity. I try to color as many objects as I can with as few colors as I can.
Although because I like colors so much, I can't help adding them in lol.

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